Well, here we are, almost at the end of 2024!

It’s been a big year here at RG Dynamics.

Working with many new clients, launching the new 2 Sides in 2 Minutes communication game, our Cook & Connect Team Retreats and bringing Emotional Clearing into our 1:1 Executive Coaching programs, among a few of the initiatives. My book Gift Mindset has also received three awards and has been translated and published in India, Vietnam and the Middle East, which is exciting.

We look forward to taking a break over Christmas, and we hope you can take time out to reflect and reset with family and loved ones over the coming Christmas period.

We are currently partnering with many of our clients to assist in mapping out development strategies for their leaders and teams in 2024.

For over 17 years, RG Dynamics has trained and coached thousands of leaders and executives in over 24 industries through our tailored transformational programs.

Our programs target cohorts of leaders (emerging to senior) and teams within organisations that are seeking growth and an immersive, transformational experience where learnings stick and are brought to life back on the job.

Working across so many industries, we see common challenges and opportunities and can bring this depth of diverse experience to what we teach and share in your organisation. We are known for our passion for learning, our thought-provoking content and the energy and commitment we bring to every program we deliver.

My sole purpose in starting RG Dynamics in 2006 was to make workplaces exceptional places to work where people can thrive, be on purpose and contribute by doing the things that light them up.

Development needs to be an ongoing journey. Not a one-off “sugar hit” where everyone feels motivated and ready to take on the world, and then nothing happens on the other side.

Learning is an active process.

We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind. – Dale Carnegie

We have run over 4,000 programs, and it all starts by mapping out your needs and organisational objectives in line with your capability. We then provide ideas and program options validated by a pre-program diagnostic to solidify focus areas, content and delivery mode.

Being a connector, I love being a room where possible, so we do everything to make that happen! On agreement, we design the program and usually run it as a series of workshops, group coaching and Mastermind sessions. These can be face-to-face (our preference) or a mixture of face-to-face and virtual, which many of our clients prefer.


As you head into 2024, please see a few of our signature programs below.

For leaders:

These programs take cohorts of leaders on a journey with topics and themes tailored to their objectives

For Teams

These programs include 1-2 workshops and group coaching follow-up to embed learnings.


Organisation & Culture

These programs can be run to teams or town hall style and include the 12 soft Skills of a Gift Mindset and other topics relevant to organisational success.

Renee Giarrusso - MMFT

1:1 Leadership, Executive & Career Transition Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching services.

Coaching and mentoring is a relationship built on trust and is a very unique one. All sessions are non-judgmental and confidential. We will collaborate with you on your success to assist you in achieving the objectives you set out before commencing the mentoring and coaching program.

Please remember that all our programs are tailored to individual needs, and we ensure our programs complement and align with existing internal frameworks.

How are you growing your leaders and teams for 2024?

If you’re curious about exploring these, please reach out for a chat directly with me.

Book a FREE discovery call here.

Here’s to 2024, a year of learning, growth and transformation!

Lead to be limitless


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