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Limitless leadership™: Remote Working Connection Hacks

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Connection is a human need

Connection is all about being linked and associated with someone or something. It is a core human need and as human beings we are all wired to connect.

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Pros and Cons

Changing from working in an office environment where we are physically working with others, to working remotely, changes the way we connect and collaborate with others. As much as working remotely can increase productivity, research shows it can also lower collaboration and connection.

A focus on this must be a priority.

How does human connection induce productivity?

Scientific research has shown that human connection makes us more productive, healthier and happier. When working remotely we need to think outside the square (our remote office) when it comes to ideas and ways of connecting with our team, peers, other business divisions and our external customers and suppliers.

When the physical working environment changes so do the dynamics as to how we connect. This needs to be reviewed ongoing to ensure collaboration and connection is not left to the wayside.

Tried and tested ideas…

Below we have listed a few tried and tested ideas. These ideas can lift connection, boost morale and strategic agility and collaboration in and outside of the organisation you work within. These ideas can be used internally and also externally with customers.

Remember to leverage technology, systems and the ideas of all of those involved.

Lead to be limitless…




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