Optimism is a key trait of a Limitless Leader; it is the belief that good things will happen and that things work out in the end. It is an internal decision framework based on values, goals, willingness, hope and belief. Victoria has seen its fair share of lockdowns and rings of steel over the past 15 months, and it can be difficult to remain optimistic.

Our mental, physical and emotional health can be improved during this time by adopting an optimistic mindset; its habits and behaviours then optimism’s multifaceted benefits can flow on. Below are the four stages of optimism to help during times of uncertainty.

The four stages of optimism

Model - 4 Stages of OptimismLiving a life filled with optimism is an ongoing journey. The beliefs, traits and behaviours we build upon can assist us in reflecting on the positive aspects of our lives, fuelling us forward.

I know from experience that self-belief, and belief and hope in others and situations, is foundational to building optimism. If you add to that a healthy dose of gratitude and positivity, you give yourself the best chance to move from pessimism to optimism.

Let’s take a closer look at the four stages of optimism.

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Stage 1 – Pessimistic

If you’re in this stage, belief, hope, gratitude and positivity are non-existent, or you are unaware of how you feel about optimism and pessimism. Maybe past events, people and situations have led you to feel that the glass is always half empty. You are looking at what could go wrong instead of what could go right. You may not be aware of the effect this has on you and others. At this stage, the Gift of Optimism is tightly wrapped up.


Stage 2 – Realistic

You are looking at what could be and weighing up thoughts, feelings and actions. You may be starting to build belief in yourself, others and situations you are facing. There may be a glimmer of hope that things could be good, and you may start to open the door to invite gratitude and positive thinking into your life. You are untying the bow on the Gift of Optimism.

Stage 3 – Possimistic™

This stage is what I call ‘possimistic’. You see the possibilities and know that optimism can fuel them. You are unwrapping what could be. Your belief and hope are high, and you are practising the habits of gratitude and positive inner dialogue. You feel hope for the future and are positive about what could be. You are highly aware of the power of optimism and possibility.

Stage 4 – Optimistic

If you are at this stage, well done! You have unwrapped the Gift of Optimism. You live with high belief and hope and practise gratitude and positivity to deal with whatever you are being faced with day-to-day. Continuing these practices and behaviours will ensure you are brimming with optimism and sharing this with people you surround yourself with, in and out of the workplace.

Wherever you currently sit on the pathway to optimism can change depending on the context of the situation. It is up to you to step into your power to move towards optimism.

Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you. — Peace Pilgrim

Signed Reneé

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