“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” -Warren Bennis

What defines a leader? So many people seem to think a leader has to be someone with a direct responsibility of a team. This is not the case. Individuals do not have to be appointed or assigned leadership. I believe to survive and thrive in such a fast paced and ruthless environment we need to adopt what I call “Limitless Leadership”. Let’s first be clear on what leadership is. To me a leader can be three-dimensional. A person may be a leader of a team, a leader of self or someone who leads and influences a conversation or decision. You do not have to have a direct team to be a leader. Leadership can be in anyone, for some it comes naturally and for others, this is a skill that is built on and strengthened.

As Warren Bennis quotes “ Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” By organisations only developing leaders who manage existing teams so many natural born leaders or those wishing to step up lose the opportunity to grow and be future ready to lead a team when the opportunity arises. Some of the best leaders I come across are not always in a traditional leadership role. They may be leading indirect reports, a high influencer in an organisation or they show strong self-leadership and excel in their current role. I liken the three types of leadership to a term I call “Three Dimensional Leadership”. 3-D leadership is about being aware of the choices you make and the actions you take to grow in all of the three areas.

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Let’s have a look at the three dimensions of leadership:

Leader of self:

Who are you and what do you stand for? What are your values and how do you live these and align these to the business and role you are in. What don’t you stand for? What self-belief and mindset can you adopt to be congruent in your actions of leading of self? Knowing you “why” and the reason you do what you do is imperative to being on purpose and leading your self to where you need to go and who you need to be.

 Leader of Others:

Whether you are leading one person or a team of a hundred, you are now a leader of others. Leadership in this way is not a position or a title but a choice, a decision. You need to have a strong purpose and the ability to set direction with your team, not for your team. Collaboration, vision and communication skills are vital here as is the ability to know the strengths of your team and tap into these to build a strengths-based team.

Collaborate together to achieve the vision and strategy as one.

 Leaders of Decisions:

Influencing and leading conversations and decisions within your organisation demonstrate a form of leadership. Whether you are leading a team or not this is a great area to focus in on and build your leadership skills, influence and accountability.

Three-dimensional leadership builds ownership, support and accountability of self, others and the organisation you work within. If you are currently leading team access where you sit in each of the three areas and what you can do to grow your leadership in these areas. If you are currently leading indirect reports, decisions and self then focus on where you sit and where you can grow this further.

Renée Giarrusso


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Renée Giarrusso is an accomplished facilitator, speaker, trainer and coach who works with high performing leaders and their teams across a myriad of industries and organisations.

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