Well, what an amazing year it has been!  We have facilitated hundreds of successful leadership, coaching and sales effectiveness programs across a wide range of organisations and industries. We have been working on new and exciting materials, methodologies and IP for our clients and I have started a book!  We hope your year, looking back, has also been one of growth and contribution with big goals set to ensure 2016 is even bigger and brighter!

One of the programs I am excited to launch is an interactive and dynamic new program for leaders kicking off in February with my colleague, the amazing Rohan Dredge!

Leadership today requires you to go wide, deep, and wide again. It requires you to have a clear picture of the future and to be highly responsive to the climate and culture you are in right now. Leadership needs to be adaptive and resistant, so you make measurable progress towards the shared dream. Leadership agility is the ability to apply many and varied leadership styles to fast paced, ever changing environments. It's the ability to read a room, shift a team, understand a person and make meaningful connections that move the mission forward.

Agile leadership is the ability to manage people and structures, relationships and reporting, policy and technology. It's the ability to see the difference between the two.  Agile is the new 15%. Based on an HBR article most leaders, up to 85%, lead toward functional expertise, these leaders are technically brilliant and usually focused on being very good at delivering on a few narrow responsibilities.

We look to take the 85% and bring them up to the “Top Fifteen Percent” where subjective challenges are addressed, and leaders are more co-creative and strategy focused. They become cross functional and interdependent whilst becoming an industry pioneer with the role of leading a convergence of people, strategy and mission.

We take you on a journey where we collaborate as an open group of like-minded leaders working on real problems in real time. We work through the challenges around mindset, focus, and assist skill stretched, time poor leaders to become more agile problem solvers and lead effectively and successfully through the subjective challenges of leadership.

Our first program kicks off in February as an open program in Melbourne, and we can also run this in-house. The program goes over 11 months, 3 hours per month as an open facilitated session based on solving real life leadership challenges in real time.

I would love to have a chat if this is of interest to you, or any of our coaching or workshop programs we run relating to leadership, communication, mapping motivation and sales capability.

Have a great Christmas and please enjoy our complimentary white paper, simply download by clicking on the link below!

Here’s to a successful New Year full of growth, contribution and collaborating with you on your success!

Kind Regards


Renée Giarrusso, Lead Coach, Trainer and Speaker works with high performing Executives and teams across a myriad of industries and organisations. Her expertise in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, communication, transition and sales effectiveness leave her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results.

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