Renee Giarrusso

49. Lead with Wellbeing

Joining us today is leadership expert, keynote speaker and founder of Blueberry Institute, Fleur Heazlewood. Fleur is the author of the best health and wellbeing book in Israel in 2022, entitled Resilience Recipe. Her follow-up book, “Leading Wellbeing,” is a [...]

48. How to create impossible change in the new world of work

Vanessa Vershaw, author of “Unreasonable Ambition”, is an award-winning organisational psychologist and is recognised as an elite peak-performance coaching psychologist, entrepreneur, and transformation strategist. Her dedication and experience, spanning over two decades of work, have paved the way for business [...]

46. Leveraging ChatGPT in Your Life and Leadership

Donna McGeorge is a renowned productivity expert, best-selling author, and international speaker. Donna is known for her expertise in helping individuals and organizations improve their productivity and work-life balance. She has extensive experience in coaching and training professionals, offering practical [...]

Are We Punishing Our High Performers?

Many high-performing clients I am working with tell me they feel punished. Punished for what you may be thinking? In their words, they were punished for high performance, over achieving and exceeding expectations. Here are a few examples of how [...]


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