As I write this, it is pouring with rain, howling winds are blowing a gust and darkness has fallen at just 6 pm. Yes, Melbourne Winter I know but I do love getting home when the sun is still shining!!! I am full of a cold, which is rare for me and at this moment I have totally lost my voice, not ideal in anyone’s world, especially when talking and working with clients is 80% of what I do. In one day I am escaping to the sun for a week of rest and respite and time spent with loved ones and friends.

Taking a break has always been a challenge for me, loving what I do so passionately blurs the line of work and play so last year I made a concerted decision to book a break every 6 months, 1 year in advance. Running a practice, like I do, can be likened to the “fish Bowl” effect as far as time is concerned, if the space is open it will always fill and therefore a break is never an option. This got me to thinking that I wanted to share this as a blog as so many executives I work with, get caught up in the “doing” and forget about the “being” and themselves to some point. Without our health and clarity of mind, I believe we are scraping the barrel. It doesn't matter how good our intentions are in whatever we set out to do if we are not 100% match fit, we are presenting a diluted version of who we really are and can be.

This week has been a good reminder that no matter how fit and healthy one may be or how happy; our body, mind and spirit need time to be restored to clear and reinvigorate vitality and direction. For you to be the best version of yourself, how do you keep this in check? Tiredness that can lead to illness can amplify the way you sort and perceive the world around you. We all know what a bad nights sleep can do to our emotions and judgment and lack of balance, or choice of balance in life can be just as detrimental. We can’t always jump on a plane at a moments notice, what we can do is look at consciously keeping our ongoing choices relating to balance in check.

It is up to us to make the right choices, there is no such thing as work life balance, it’s all about work life choice and that choice is ours to make. Many organisations and corporations are so focused on profits and other efficiency indicators that they ignore workplace stress and provide insufficient vacation and sick days,” says Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organisational behaviour at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. “In some instances, organisations and their cultures are literally killing people and also contributing to their mental and physical distress. We can build successful organisations that are also sustainable in terms of their effects on people.”

Have a think about the key areas of your life right now? For me, they fall into 6 basic buckets or pillars; my practice (career), my family, my health, my personal growth and recreational time and friends.

Reflecting honestly on my key focus, I have to say it has been around my practice and growth and trying to still see family and friends in the cracks of time.  I have never been more satisfied or fulfilled in these areas and have just finished my first book but I know time with family, friends and “me “ time has been neglected over the last few months and my body right now is an indicator of that.

Check in on what key areas make up “Your” choices for balance and have a real hard look at what you need to do to stay match fit. You can even rate each area 1-5 and action the lower performing areas and see what new choices you can make to flourish in these. This is something we should all stay on top of. Know your “why” and purpose in doing what you do and check in on your pillars of balance to ensure they are ecological and link into what is important for you!

On that note, I am off to spend some time in the sun with loved ones in order to re-charge the body and mind and I look forward to connecting again soon!

Arrivederci for now!

 Renée Giarrusso


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