What really gets you out of bed in the morning?

As an executive coach, facilitator and consultant I was looking for a profiling tool that was unique, applicable across an organisation and one that would identify key motivators in a work context at the deepest level. I noticed that certain people I was coaching and training may have been good at their role but were not motivated to do so and therefore were not being as effective or as happy as they could be within that role.

I came across the iWAM-profiling tool in 2007. iWAM stands for inventory of Work, Attitudes and Motivations and is an online tool being used in over 21 countries and 59 Australian companies to date. It looks at the 48 key ways we are motivated and driven at work, your preferences if you like. A good analogy I use is imagining the 48 key motivators on 48 separate tapas plates. What ones would you choose if you had a choice?

iWAM has applications across all areas of an organisation. It can be used in any division from early on in the HR process to coaching an individual or team or within a team forum to assist in individuals understanding each other better in order to complement each other for maximum effectiveness. It also can assist in identifying training gaps and motivate individuals.

Imagine how you could strengthen your leadership by knowing what really motivates individuals within your team?

What is it?

iWAM is a system that provides a window into the intrinsic motivations and attitudes of people in a particular context. Our use of the iWAM tool focuses on the context of the workplace. It is not a personality profile and can determine the unconscious cognitive filters used by individuals that determine their thinking styles and ultimately their behaviour. Completing a simple questionnaire online captures these valuable insights. An iWAM profile covers the following dimensions and many more.

Attaining objectives & problem solving?

  • Are you motivated to work towards objectives?
  • Do you have a problem solving approach at work?
  • Do you look for potential pitfalls before they occur?

Your work priorities and which of the eight below do you prefer?

  • People/money/systems/activity/information/status/time/ geographical position

How do you think at work?

  • Are you motivated by detail?
  • Do you have a sense of overview and the big picture?
  • Are you a systematic thinker?
  • What amount of structure do you need in your work?
  • Do generating options and alternatives motivate you?

Dealing with change and time issues at work

  • How much do you learn from the past/ look to the future?
  • Do you need a change in your job, and how often?
  • In the workplace how do you approach change?
  • Do you have a vision for the future?

Dealing with people at work

  • How satisfied are you when working with people?
  • How tolerant are you of other people and their ideas?
  • How much Social Contact do you need at work?
  • Are you motivated within a team?
  • Do you work for someone else or do you have a preference to be your own boss?


  • What is your Decision Making Strategy?
  • What channels are most convincing to you- what you see, hear, do or read?

Primary work motivators

  • Are you primarily motivated to take responsibility and have the power to do significant work?
  • Are you primarily motivated to achieve and perform at work?
  • Are you primarily motivated to belong to a group, make friends and get on with people at work?

For a psychometric test to be effective it must be able to reflect these differences in people and iWAM does just that.

The iWAM tool is based on the powerful cognitive processes in our minds called Meta Programs.

What are Meta Programs?

Meta Programs or patterns are filters that determine how we sort and perceive our world at work. For instance, do we filter information by seeing what is there (glass half full), or by what is missing (glass half empty)? What we decide to pay attention to in turn determines how we communicate, how we interact with the world around us and ultimately how we are motivated to behave.

Applications of iWAM

iWAM can be used in the following ways:

  • Leadership
    • Identify your true motivators and those of others
    • Build your leadership around your preferences
    • Open and in-house workshops run on Leadership, Mapping Motivation and Influencing 
  • Executive/Leadership/Transition Coaching
    • An iWAM profile is incorporated into your coaching program
    • We can also do a full one on one 90 minute debrief on your results to raise awareness
    • Then consistent support to tap positive motivators and address the areas of opportunity in your iWAM profile
  • Recruitment
    • IWAM can be used throughout the recruitment process from building a success profile to individual screening and final selection
    • Motivators can determine up to 65% of predictability in a role – a huge advantage in selection
    • iWAM Models of Excellence allow for the top performers to be modelled for future recruitment profiling
  • Team Building
    • Team workshop
    • All attendees complete the iWAM
    • The workshop is then tailored to suit current team objectives
    • Building an even higher performing team is the outcome

How powerful would it be to really understand what motivates yourself and your team at a deeper level? Remember, a person may be good at a certain role but unless they are motivated to do so you are not getting 100% out of your people.

At Metamorphose Consulting we look forward to consulting with you on the most effective way of incorporating iWAM into your organisation.

Success and growth

Renee Giarrusso

Director- Metamorphose Consulting


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