The New Year has arrived and I hope you got to take the time to enjoy life with loved ones and recharge and reset for a sparkly you in 2019! After a much-needed break to re-energise we can’t wait to continue working with our amazing clients and also look forward to all the new and exciting clients and projects 2019 will bring!

Control your thoughts – Mindset Matters

Holidays are a great ‘circuit breaker” and a good time to set a new normal that serves you and those around you for even more success. Too often we default straight back into the “doing” after a week back at work as we are challenged by time constraints, conflicting priorities and the general juggle of life. I challenge you to control your thoughts and the mindset you adopt in the coming weeks and moving forward.

One thing we all have a choice of is what we tell ourselves, that’s right, our thoughts. In life we all have the choice to create our thoughts and these thoughts and beliefs associated with them will dictate the way we feel and what we action or not. Like a badly created foundation of a house, if our mindset isn’t solid the actions we take and the results we achieve will crumble over time, as a house will not stand the test of time.

Make the ‘snooze button’ redundant

At home you may plan to go to 6 am yoga, all booked in with your Lorna Jane gear laid out and your water bottle topped up and ready to go. The alarm goes off and that luxurious 10-minute snooze button is hit more than once as you snuggle into the doona to continue dreaming, telling yourself sleep comes first. Before you know it, the alarm goes off and you’ve missed the yoga class and you’re mad at yourself, guilty for not going and the tone of your day is set.

What could you have told yourself that would have changed this situation? A simple thought such as “I’ll feel better and more balanced after this class” may have made the difference and your belief in this thought may have made you get out of bed on time.

Change your energy – change the outcome

Imagine a professional scenario such as walking into a meeting and thinking to yourself “I’m so busy, so much to do, I can’t be bothered with this meeting”, you will naturally FEEL disengaged, unmotivated and therefore your actions will not be congruent with your message to the team and the outcome will be ultimately flawed. Thinking about adding value to your team and valuing their time may have changed the outcome of this meeting and the energy you portray.

I’ll be the first to say it’s not always easy to control your thoughts, often we “awfulise” things (not a real word) and our minds spiral downwards and it’s hard to change our thoughts. My question to you is “What will it cost you not to have quality thoughts that serve you?” What will it cost your team, your business those around you?”

It is good to be human and let your guard down at times, it’s not normal to be happy happy-joy-joy every minute, but this isn’t about positive thinking. This is about creating and controlling thoughts that result in the best possible outcome.

Take responsibility for your thoughts:

  • How do you want to feel? Shape your thoughts to get to the outcome you after
  • Let go of other peoples’ words, beliefs, actions, ideas and mistakesEnsure you believe in the thought you are telling yourself
  • If not, visualise it and the feeling you would love to experience
  • Remind yourself of things you have done before
  • Let in the new and embrace possibility
  • Let go of what hasn’t worked and replace this with something new and different
  • Let Be of what is working for you.

A new year deserves new thoughts and ways of thinking.

Remember, what you tell yourself will set your mind up to what it believes, sources and invites in. The power to have a Limitless Mindset is within all of us, you just need to choose it.

To being limitless