Well, here we are, at the end of another year and would you believe the end of another decade!  An opportunity to reflect on and consider the happenings.

How has your year been? Did it exceed your expectations?

This is a question I’ve asked many of my clients with varying responses. My question to you is, did you set an expectation early in the year or did you face the year as it came?

For me on a personal and professional front this year it has been a huge one and quite bittersweet.

Our business has experienced exciting growth with new clients joining our tribe, deeper work with existing clients and the successful launch of our 12mth Limitless Leaders Acceleration program and many new masterclasses and transformational pathways for our clients.

After 9 years as an Accredited Coach, I was awarded my PCC, Professional Certified Coach accreditation with the ICF, which was great to be recognised to my commitment to coaching and equipping leaders to coach. We also launched the Limitless Leaders Podcast which is attracting listeners from all over the world and in between juggling 24 client projects I have mapped out my 2020 book, which is exciting.

The flip side

On the flip side, my beautiful sister, who is my best friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, which she is fighting like a trooper. This has taught me what pure resilience is, and she is definitely the poster child for what I call a Gift Mindset™, the title of my next book.

Years end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us.

So why do we look back at the year that was?

questions to ask yourself as we head toward the end of another yearA calendar year is an approximation of the number of days of the earth's orbital period, following the Gregorian calendar this is 365 days. This is what we follow and as much as I believe in regular checkpoints to reflect, recharge and reset in life as we near the year-end it’s a good opportunity to reflect and be future-ready to delve into the new year with 2020 vision!

I’ve always loved the number twelve since I was a child. I’m not sure why and have always referred to 12 tips and ideas in workshops and writing, such as in my recent white paper The 12 Superpowers.

The number twelve carries religious and magical symbolism and generally represents perfection and entirety, interesting, I think.

Reflecting on 2019…

On that note, I’ve devised  12-prompters to review the year that was. You can do this reflection individually or as a team, a great way to open up dialogue and share and promote human-centred leadership at work.

Take some time to reflect in order to refuel and reset for the new year – ask yourself these 12 questions.  Note your responses and review regularly.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Have a magical and safe festive season, and we look forward to collaborating with you in 2020.

Lead to be limitless…



Renee Giarrussso Director RG Dynamics Pty Limited Limited Leadership

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Renée is a mentor, coach, expert facilitator and keynote speaker. She is the author of ‘Limitless Leadership’ and co-author of ‘Leaders of Influence’.

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Please note: RG Dynamics will be closed from the 21st December until the 8th January where we will be taking some time out to refuel and reset for the exciting year ahead.