Leaders, executives and business owners often talk to me about the common challenges they face; one of the key topics is how to manage delegating (or letting go) effectively.


  • Fear of tasks not being done correctly,
  • Lack of trust,
  • Guilty of giving others more work, and
  • A lack of awareness of what needs to be delegated

Another reason delegation can be challenging is when you do not know the strengths and motivators of those around you, and this leaves you feeling unsure of who is capable of taking on the task.

What will it cost you NOT to Delegate?

Think about the time you could be spending on other things that could move your business and team forward whilst creating future leaders in the process.

Delegating effectively to the right people has so many benefits, including:

  • Creating future leaders,
  • Building capability across the team and businesses and
  • At the same time, providing time for you to do what really matters by growing others in the process.

Being an industry stand out and planning what is next in your business is vital, but this strategic thinking is stifled by hanging on to tasks and responsibilities that no longer serve you.

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A few tips:

  • Delegate what you LIKE doing
    • Yes, let go of what you have grown from and let someone else learn and experience this
  • Be clear on what you are delegating
    • Take the time to debrief the task, give the WHAT but not the HOW, empower the other person to come up with the way they will achieve this
  • Choose the right person
    • Look at capabilities, capacity and delegate as part of a master plan
  • Communication
    • Have an open line of communication and agree on the modes in which you will communicate
    • Plan to follow up and check-in and know what success looks like
  • Recognition
    • Acknowledge the person along the way, and at the conclusion of whatever has been delegated
    • A great way to share best practice is to get the other person/s to share the process and what they learnt, a win-win for all
  • Delegate to more than one person
    • Lighten the load and delegate nominated tasks to more than one person
    • A great way to appreciate each other and leverage skill sets

Delegation can really pave the way to get a deeper understanding of each other strengths, capabilities and hidden talents. Change your mindset around delegation and look at it as a way of growing others and letting go of what you have already.



Ditch that meeting you know you do not need to attend and get the team to alternate in running the meeting in their own unique way.


I see ‘not' delegating as being a bit selfish; let go and grow others!

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To becoming LIMITLESS


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