Thank you for all your responses to our Limitless Leader ™ Indicator Tool. This tool allows you to see where you sit as a LIMITLESS LEADER™ and how to take your leadership to the next level and be LIMITLESS!

Your responses continue to provide valuable insight into our work, and how we can be in service to you, our amazing clients and collaborate with you on your success.

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Over the next few months, we will share with you the top-line learnings from the survey along with tips and tricks to take your leadership to the next level.


Almost 30% of respondents are only a little or somewhat open to growing and being more as a leader – why might this be?  Perhaps it is you don’t see yourself in a leadership position.  Conversely, 87% of respondents think it’s possible to grow learn and evolve as a leader so that’s encouraging!

87 % of respondents believe growth is possible

How open to growth are you?

What do you have in place to make growth possible? Growth is imperative in any role and you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and embrace new learnings.

To lead people you need to minimise the managing of activity, the operational things, and jealously protect your time to develop yourself, your leadership and therefore your team and organisation. You cannot be in service to those around you if you are not adding new value, challenging the status quo and in turn creating future leaders.

 Do you:

  • Know your strengths and areas of development
  • Have a mentor and/or coach
  • Seek feedback from your team, peers and upline
  • Grow your knowledge through networking in and out of your industry
  • Review your habits and what could be getting in the way
  • Jealously protect time to grow and schedule this in
  • Weigh up the cost of NOT developing to you and your team
  • Evaluate your support network

Progressive versus maintenance

Think about the “progressive” things you do at work versus the “maintenance” type things. I liken it to building a pergola at home to mowing the lawns. The former feels great and is progressive and something you don’t need to do often, the latter is usually pretty non-rewarding and has to be done on a regular basis. Look at growing and learning as progressive, focus on the value you can add to your team and the benefits that follow.

What will it cost you and your team NOT to grow, learn and develop?

As always, would love your thoughts……


For more of my tips on how change can equate to growth, get in touch. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Find out where you sit on the Leadership Ladder, your responses are anonymous and the results summarised to help us better understand where our market sits so that we can continue to provide, insights, tools and solutions to assist you to move up to be LIMITLESS, co-creative and stand out.

Renée is a mentor, coach, expert facilitator and keynote speaker, She is the author of ‘Limitless Leadership’ and co-author of ‘Leaders of Influence’. Follow Renee on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV or Twitter, or subscribe to her blog here.