Your energy is an introduction to you and can potentially set the tone of the conversation, meeting or interaction you are about to have.

The way you show up will frame the introduction to you, or not, and I believe sometimes we forget to be consciously aware of the energy we put out there.

We all have so much to do in what feels so little time, and as I say time and time again, we have become ‘human doings’ and not ‘human beings’.

It’s Monday morning, and you have bought your team together for a meeting, or maybe your manager has you attending a meeting he or she has organised. You walk in, and the vibe is low, your manager rushes in and slumps down in his or her seat, coffee in hand and says how tired he or she feels and that he knows you are all busy and gets into the meeting. There is no buy-in, foot impatiently tapping, you are checking your phone and waiting to leave. You are not present, not actively listening and therefore not engaged.

So how should your manager act?

A light bulb makes no impact unless it is switched on.

I really believe energy is contagious and should be top of mind in every interaction we make. I’m not saying to be happy-happy, joy-joy all the time, we need to be real, and we need to be human. I believe that we should ramp up our energy by at least 20% above of that of the room.

I know when facilitating and training, I calibrate the room and consciously adjust my energy accordingly. Needless to say, highly energetic environments light me up as they are more matched to me energetically, whereas, in a more sombre or low energy environment, I need to dial my level of energy down.

Our beliefs drive our actions, and also our actions can drive our beliefs, all of which are strongly linked to our energy. Think about this, if you walk into that meeting knowing and believing the value you will give and get and the “why” of being there you will project that energy and most probably be more engaged and engaging.

On the flip side if you are feeling negative and don’t want to be at the meeting, then what you give out will be totally different.

Be the energy you want to attract

An example of where our actions can create our beliefs is backing a horse at the races. The minute you take action and place the bet, your belief is heightened that the horse will win. It can work both ways, and the output of either is the energy you will project.

I really believe that the level of energy can determine your success. The more energy you have, the more successful you’ll be. The greater your ability to raise the energy levels of those around you and be able to get buy, the more effective you will be leading others and working with others in general.

There are studies that have proven that higher levels of energy are associated with higher levels of satisfaction in all areas of your life. These areas can include leadership, relationships, personal development, finances, etc.

These three elements contribute towards our energy:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Emotions

When looking at our overall energy and awareness and engagement of this, it is the above 3 things that influence this. Thoughts create feelings and emotions and every thought, feeling and emotion is like a tiny filter that forms the lens through which we view and experience the world and therefore play out in our energy. Basically, this lens is your perspective and will direct us to whatever we do or don’t do.

To take charge of your thoughts, ask yourself better quality questions and if looking to increase the energy of others do the same when asking questions during interactions. Make them quality, thought-provoking and powerful.

Catabolic vs Anabolic energy

In Bruce Schneider’s book, Energy Leadership, the concept of catabolic and anabolic energy is talked about, and these two different energies come from the thoughts we are having.

In simple terms, energy can be described as a person’s attitude, which begins with our thoughts.

  • Catabolic energy-destructive
  • Anabolic energy-constructive

Which energy are you burning?

Think about where you sit? These two different energies will obviously lead to different outcomes, interactions and also in the way in which you lead self and others.

If you see and feel anger, guilt, anxiety and low morale, you most probably are leaning towards a more destructive energy, known as catabolic.

If you notice a calmer presence, especially when things become stressful, it is more likely you are leading with an anabolic energy. This is where you take nothing personally, you tend to think objectively, and you do not judge people or events as good or bad. Opportunity and solution, as opposed to the problem, are the focus here and, therefore, the energy you emit is more vibrant and positive.

Be mindful of how you show up, what you put out and how this is perceived.

Remember; effective communication is gaining the response you want, and energy plays a key part in getting buy in conveying your message and leading with motivation.

Every impression is a first impression…how is your energy introducing you?

To being limitless