This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is how to master and maintain what I call your leadership mojo! In such a fast-paced time, we need to be at our best and balance our leadership to be able to do the things that really matter. Doing all that you are doing is great, but if you don’t have the energy to be the best you can be, it won’t matter what you do, say or act.

With the year-end fast approaching, I can say I have never seen many of my clients more frazzled, overwhelmed and caught up in the “busy-ness” that can be all-consuming.

Be the energy you want to attract.

Last year we launched a program “Master your Mojo” and spent the first part of the day discussing exactly what “mojo” is or isn’t. What I found is that we all had varying thoughts and definitions initially but as we delved deeper one commonality from the group is the mojo equates to being whole, being the true essence of who you are and that mojo is an energy, your true energy. The Merriam Webster definition of mojo is “a magic spell, hex, or charm; broadly: magical power.”

Your mojo is what makes you-you, your magical power.

Writing this, I want to focus on your leadership mojo and what that means to you. Whether you lead a team, are an indirect leader, you lead decisions or lead self, which we all do, I strongly believe we are all leaders in some way. To lead we need energy, we need to be congruent with who we are, and we also need to know what makes up who we are, our mojo. How can you refill it if you don’t know what is required? A bit like making a cake you need all the ingredients to make it rise, that small pinch of baking powder may seem insignificant, but it’s the only thing that will make the cake rise. What do you need to ensure you are all that makes you magical at what you do?

Leading and creating future leaders we need to be real, we need to show what can be, and we need to invest in ourselves to do this. We need to be human, the unique individual that we are and this sometimes gets lost in all the people, technology and progress challenges we face. I always say focus on people before progress, and you need to be the first person of focus!

In the model below, you can have a look at where your energy sits in each of the three areas of; Reflect, Recharge and Refocus.


It’s always good to stop and look at where you are. In the model above your energy to reflect may be a low energy or deception as I call it, it may be at acceptance, or it may be at a high energy where you are ready to grow and get your mojo in flow. Right now, as you read this, where is your mojo? I love to rate things. I usually do 1-5. If at 5/5 is you couldn’t feel any better, satisfied and energised and if at 1/5 you couldn’t feel more depleted.

A few questions to ponder:

  • On the above model, have a think about where you sit?
  • Why is this so, what has happened or not happened?
  • What has changed since your mojo was in full flow?
  • What is your leadership purpose?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Does your leadership represent you and who you are?


When our mojo is low, we can feel depleted. A bit like cordial that has been diluted we aren’t all that we can be and usually won’t feel as happy, fulfilled or on purpose. You may be feeling like you are dragging your feet, intolerant of things that normally wouldn’t affect you and not as “on” as I call it. Working in such a fast-paced and complex environment dealing with people issues, achieving results and being time-poor and skill stretched can play its toll. Having to evolve, learn, change and unlearn can also zap us. To recharge, we need to know what our “mojo ingredients” are when they are in flow and in balance.

For me, I need to be growing, learning something new, making a difference to others, and I need a diversity of people and situations around me. To keep my mojo in balance I need time with different friends and people (mojo makers), I need to cook, I need to write, I need my office and house clean and decluttered, and I need to regularly be outside walking in fresh air or near water, at the beach. I need new experiences and travel.

  • What makes up the essence of you?
  • What 5 things light you up and help you flourish?
  • Think of your role and what you do that puts a spring in your step?

How can you bring more of that in?

  • What are you good at that you also enjoy?
  • What do people around you give you, and what do you give back?
  • As we give value to others, each person around you can contribute to your mojo in different ways, think about who gives you balance, energy, challenges and fun? (more on this in our next series)
  • What makes you smile?
  • What keeps your mojo cup full and in balance both professionally and personally?


To re-connect and focus, you need a plan. It’s imperative you lead by being the real you. Not only will you feel happier and more fulfilled, chances are you will be more productive and connected to what you are doing. Looking at what came up for you, how can you ensure your mojo cup is full? By checking in and seeing what is working and what is missing, you can look at ways to bring in what you need. Simple yes and not always easy to do but think about how you feel when running on “real” and authentic energy. It’s worth the time and focuses on ensuring the magical power of you and all that you are is what the world gets to experience. It also is a way to show others, futures leaders what is possible.

How can you create future leaders if others don’t get to see and experience the real you and all you have to offer? Take that holiday, voice that idea or change you have been holding back on, work on that project that lights you up and be all that you are so others can learn and be inspired from you. The real you!

With the pointy end of the year fast approaching it's a great time to Reflect, Recharge and Refocus!

To being “limitless”

Renée Giarrusso