There are only two Blockbusters left in the world, and one is closing. The last of the movie rental stores in Australia will close at the end of the month.

I heard this news as I was driving to facilitate a workshop early one morning recently.  Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was the heavy rain and chilly Melbourne air. When I heard this, I felt a real, emotional link to the story.

The ritual vs need for immediate satisfaction

last blockbuster bend oregon sticker supplied by ownerFrequenting video stores to scout out movies was a huge part of my pastime and would be for many of my generation. The ritual of choosing a movie, and planning out when you were going to watch it was all part of the weekend trek out to the nearest video store. If with a group of friends, or my partner, there would be debates over whether we were going to watch a horror, thrillers, sports or docos.  In the end, we walked out with an arm full of viewing and only precious hours to return them, albeit with the ensuing late fees!

Later on – real-world connection

Later in life, I actually headed the retail channel in a global FMCG where all video chains fell under my banner with our objective to ensure the shelves were stocked high with Maltesers, M&Ms, Mars and other confectionery delights. Needless to say, video stores have been a part of my life in some way for some time.

With Netflix and online streaming, allowing us to stream anything we want at our fingertips at any time we can now access content anywhere.

It got me to thinking of how many conversations and connections we have these days are similar and have taken on a “streaming” quality opposed to a “teaming” one that is planned out and intentional, a bit like going to hire a video.

[bctt tweet=”As leaders, we need to connect, in any role this is important but as less people are doing more in most organisations I work across, the need to have deeper, more planned out and intentional conversations is vital. ” username=”Renee_Giarrusso”]

[bctt tweet=”The topical conversations are obtainable, not sustainable long term.” username=”Renee_Giarrusso”]

So how do we know the difference?


streaming conversation - isolated - laptop

These conversations are usually topical. They are not planned out and don’t always have a true intention. These conversations don’t cut through, and most of the time, don’t build deep, long-lasting and connecting relationships and results. For example, feedback delivered this way is usually a telling session, and the feedback loop of action isn’t usually discussed.  As a result, nothing changes after the conversation.


couple choosing a video together teaming conversationWhen you are having teaming conversations, these are deeper and more planned out with an intention. These conversations cut through the clutter.  They are well thought out with an outcome, change or result during or post the conversation.

We can’t always have deeper conversations.  Your role is to ensure that you make a planned effort to as much as possible.

What conversations are you having with your team, peers and upline?

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