If you’re like me you are ready to take a break!

It’s been a huge year! Personally, I can count the days I’ve had off on one hand. Saving two businesses, transitioning our entire business online and writing a book amongst other things there has not been any downtime.

Living life as our full, energetic selves is vital to function at our highest level, both physically and mentally. In my new book “Gift Mindset”, The Gift of Re-energising is one of the 12 Gifts or skills we all need to deepen and develop in any role and life in general.

One of the key tips is to make time to re-energise and:


Make it a habit to create a regular practice of self-reflection. This will create a space for self-awareness and help you to be in touch with when your energy needs replenishing. Knowing what being fully re-energised feels like for you will make it easier to identify when you are feeling depleted and need to act. Be aware of what has
energised you in the past, and what and who depletes your energy.


You can now refocus on what you need to do to re-energise. Think about what is depleting you. Maybe you’re working too many hours and lacking sleep and peace of mind. Maybe you aren’t living on purpose or your values are misaligned. Maybe certain people are draining your energy and you are giving too much of yourself.


We can only re-energise when we find a compelling reason to do so. Unfortunately, for many people, this only happens when they are burnt out, stressed or ill. Take the time to feed your soul and do the things that put a pep back in your step.

Every person will be re-energised differently – do what works for you. My hope is that by the end of this chapter, your Gift of Re-energising will emerge (or re-emerge). Look back to when you felt the most energised and tap into what you were doing at the time.

When we work through the three-step process, we need to apply targeted effort in each area, as illustrated in the below model, to create the necessary changes to re-energise.

Lead to be Limitless…
Signed Reneé

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