As we reflect on this time last year, a lot has changed for all of us.

Overall, people have grown in more ways than one, through different experiences and situations. From facing challenges and new ways of working and thinking to achieve success in or out of work, everyone has learnt something and has a story to tell.

Challenges teach us what is possible, and successes get us to go that one step further.CLICK TO TWEET

It’s the lessons from these experiences that can make a difference in our lives and others. As I call them, these lessons or gifts can come in many forms; we have to be open to seeing them. They come from people and situations and can be from the past, the present or the future. By adopting the Gift Mindset®, we get to live our legacy now by sharing these lessons and create a workplace culture of purpose, connection and contribution.

To embrace these gifts, we need to raise our awareness, accept these lessons and apply the gifts they present both in and out of the workplace.

We need, in other words, to adopt and foster a Gift Mindset®.

Our gifts can fall into 12 key categories “The 12 Gifts”, that are the soft skills we need to deepen and build upon in any role. Too often hard skills (technical) become the focus and now more than ever, we need to unwrap and reveal the 12 Gifts.

I am so passionate about this message that I have written a book on it, “Gift Mindset® Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution.” This is being published and shared with the world late February!

This book is for you…

  • if you want to embrace challenges and successes and unwrap and share the gifts within
  • if you want to create a team and workplace culture of openness, connection and collaboration
  • if you are caught up in the “doing” of life and need to reflect on the “gifts that have got you to where you are now
  • if you would like to build on key life skills and explore the 12 key gifts to incorporate these into your life and leadership
  • if you are ready to deepen your self-awareness and acceptance of life’s lessons and share these to contribute to others
  • if you are ready to break down the barriers, you may face, and reap the benefits

If you are looking for a great way to ramp up the gift of connection, growth and gratitude within your workplace, then give your team the gift of the Gift Mindset® to kick start 2021.

In this thought-provoking book, I teach you how to adopt the Gift Mindset to learn from these experiences and appreciate them as gifts. Many workplace cultures are transactional, and performance-focused, adopting a Gift Mindset® culture promotes openness, connection and collaboration.

The stories, interviews, insights and practical tools can be easily applied to take your life, leadership and organisation to the next level.

Are you ready to unwrap your gifts?

Lead to be limitless…

Signed Reneé

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