The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.
– Marcel Proust

Be a disruptor and have a focus on being different, not better.  This can have a huge impact on the way you lead and serve yourself, team and organisation.

This is the level of leadership we dream about.  This level offers such game-changing value to the world that there is a fundamental shift in the playing field.  Wow! In his short post, Dr Scott Yorkovich lists five principles that define the disruptive leader. These resonate with the Limitless Leader ™ journey.

5 Principles that Define the “Disruptor”

They are:

  • disrupt shake up challengeLook at your problems in new ways;
  • Look for the problems others have labelled unsolvable;
  • Focus on direct and simple solutions;
  • Accept failure in the beginning; and
  • Be patient for long-term change and impatient for meaningful impact

The disruptive leader has what we call a Limitless mindset and looks at the circumstances with a reality distortion tool and possesses the ability to assemble a team committed to doing what has never been done. They have the ability to respond to the wind, manage the tide and consider the uncharted ocean ahead. And more often than not, disruptive and positive innovation results.

It’s great to know your current role,  but be aware of your next developmental step and have the drive and focus to get there. Many leaders may have the same levels of capability but are missing that special and significant difference that makes the difference.

To being Limitless…




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