You are your master, only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.

 We often think we know what motivates us, especially in a work capacity.  Maybe we ended up in a role because we were good at our previous role or we have been at the organisation the longest and therefore “slipped” into a new role without much thought as to whether this role matches our strengths and what really energises us?

Time slips away and before we know it we feel unfulfilled, drained and overall unhappy with where we are at and what we are doing.  Nothing excites us and we get the “Sunday night” dread of the upcoming week ahead, a bit like many of us experienced when we were at school.

Imagine knowing what really motivates you with a view to then consciously ensure you satisfy what motivates you? Not only will you be happier, you will be in control of your happiness, purpose and feel fulfilled in your role. Sunday nights will look and feel different as you embark on a week that you can actually look forward to (you are welcome :))

So many people in their current role are brilliant at it, competent in skill and knowledge but unfortunately don’t actually enjoy what they do. I can’t count the number of executives and business owners I have worked with that are great with people and say to me I don’t enjoy managing people but I’m good at it.

We use an amazing profiling tool that maps the 48 key motivators we have in a work context.

Outside of this, you can tap into a few of your motivators by taking the time to reflect on the points below: Find it, Feed it & Flourish

Find it

  • What lights you up?
  • What energises your day today?
  • If you could do your favourite thing at work for one week what would that be?
  • What would you be doing? What does this look like?
  • What specific tasks energise you (list these)?

For me it’s working directly with individuals and teams when I am on my feet facilitating, coaching or keynote speaking.

Feed it

  • How can you satisfy these motivators?
  • What can you do day to day to incorporate what motivates you in to your role where you can?
  • Do your current and future career aspirations include the things that light you up?
  • If you could rewrite your role or profession what would you be doing to dial-up these preferences? 


  • What do you and others notice when you are doing what energises you?

People usually comment when they see that you love what you are doing!

Some call it passion! 

  • What changes do have to make to ensure you consciously drive this?
  • What have you got in place to ensure you satisfy and feed the things that light you up?

Identifying what we are good at and enjoy sounds simple but not always easy to do.  Invest in the time to really understand what you love doing and “why” you do it, along with making sure that the majority of time you incorporate what energises you in your role.

Renée Giarrusso


Renée Giarrusso, Lead Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Founder of Metamorphose Consulting, works with high performing Executives and teams across a myriad of industries and organisations. Her expertise in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, communication, transition and sales effectiveness leave her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results.

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