Did you know that every single snowflake is unique depending on the way it falls? Air temperature and the air currents it is surrounded by when it falls rule the difference in their formation? A single snow crystal consists of over one quintillion molecules of water and these are arranged into a number of six-sided crystals so the chance of any two being exactly the same is highly unlikely. To the naked eye, they all look the same and when in abundance they accumulate to look like the solid white mass we know as snow.

Many clients often ask me; whether they lead teams, decisions or self, what makes up the perfect leader? What are the best traits and background that can contribute to being an effective leader? I believe that the path you have taken to be where you are right now is a major contributor to who you are and who you are going to be as a leader, right now.

Don’t dismiss the path you have taken and the learnings that have developed you along the way. Your last role, the studies you have done or doing, the people you meet, the countries you may have worked in, the leaders you want to emulate and those you want to be the opposite of all (I call them ‘gifts”) contribute to who you are. Without the unique paths and experiences we have faced we most probably wouldn’t be where we are today. The choices we have made along the way have been for a reason, good or bad, but they may have seemed right, at the time. Own your uniqueness and the choices you have made and will make in the future. Too often we get too caught up future pacing where we want to be that we forget all the magic that got us here in the first place. As an individual, you will have a preference of either making decisions based on the past, present or future. The order as to where you make these decisions are different for everyone and I believe we need to bring all three timings in, so to speak.

What can we learn from the past that we can utilise here and now? I am guilty of being too future focused and planned out in my thinking and actions and could better utilise things I have done and learnt in the past and bring them into my current business. Don’t reinvent the wheel or build a new house all the time, sometimes a renovation is all you need. Those of us that love being creative and thinking outside the square and coming up with alternative ideas can often be guilty of not maximising learnings in the past as we are motivated by future big picture thinking!

What is happening right now, in the present moment? Too often we are thinking too far ahead or looking backwards and we don’t stop to see what is going on now and the consequences of this. Like the wake behind a ship, don’t ignore it but be in the present moment and steer the ship through the current weather conditions. Mindfulness has been around since the sixteenth century, nothing new here, but it is getting a lot of exposure in today’s fast paced environment as many of us disregard the present moment. What will it cost you and your team not to be present?

Many of us live in the future. We are already months or years ahead in our thinking. I remember being in a corporate role where we planned out projects two years ahead. I remember one day calling my husband about where we could vacation in 2 years time at Christmas. As he is very in the present moment he found it challenging to comprehend that far ahead. As my thinking was already two years out I was already there, in that moment. Always look ahead but remember to bring in the lessons and moments from the past and what is occurring now, in the present.

Like a snowflake we have all walked, fallen or run and landed on the path we are now on, this has shaped us and our leadership to what it is today. Tap into these learnings, bring in what you need, let go of that, that no longer serves you, and take the time to “feel” the now and how it could impact down the track.

Renée Giarrusso


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