We have this amazing seventy-year-old blue gum that in summer is dappled in sunlight and makes the view out of our second floor window look awe inspiring.  In winter it sways and captures the rain droplets on each leaf making it look like a vertical trajectory of diamonds dancing in the grey sky.  There is never a time I don’t walk past the window and feel thankful to have such a magnificent tree in my view.  Old, majestic and providing the landscape with the energy of movement and adaptation, so much so that it actually prompted us to build a round porthole window facing it, to capture it in its entirety.

That was until last month when I woke up to the buzzing of chain saws and three men in harnesses abseiling down the tree strategically lopping off every limb.  My first reaction was shock, how could this seventy-year-old tree be totally destroyed in five hours?  The answer was simple, not easily digestible but simple, the property is going to be developed and therefore the tree needed to be removed, for progress.

With the tree removed I looked out to where it once was.  The view has changed and there is a real lack of energy. The birds no longer frequent, the leaves no longer sway and the change of the season is less evident.

This got me to thinking and reflecting on how important ones energy is.  The energy we project is so vital in everything we do especially when in a leadership role.  What we give out or omit to give out can really impact on those around us.

Some people are neutral communicators and can come across as monotone and very focused on the words of others and what they are saying.  For an effective communicator who is very in tune with non-verbal cues (body language), there could be a disconnect in energy.  There is no right or wrong way to be but an effective communicator will pick up on this and adapt.

Our energy comes from four dimensions:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

When one or more of these dimensions are out of balance we need to focus on bringing balance back so our energy is congruent with whom we are and what we portray.  We sparkle when our energy is evenly distributed across all dimensions.

A few questions to reflect on:

  • What energises and excites you, what lights you up?
  • What energy do you give off to others and the space around you?
  • Do people notice when you aren’t there?
  • Does your energy impact others in a positive way?
  • How often do you seek feedback on how your energy is received?
  • As a leader does your team appreciate or deviate from your energy?
    • Do you give energy or take it?
  • What energy do you admire in those around you?

There is a topic I am passionately researching and learning about that links the head, heart and gut brains to the way we feel and think and the energy we therefore project.  It is scientifically proven we project an energy field that can be felt by others.  Think about walking into a tense meeting and you feel you could cut the air with a knife? On the flip side, I walked into a room to run a focus group last week where the team were laughing and where there was clearly high morale and commitment and the space felt amazing, warm and comfortable, hence the workshop mirrored that and was a huge success.

Be conscious of the energy you project and the evidence of this.  Dial your energy up to match your surroundings or dial it down in some cases to match and build subliminal rapport with those around you.

Do what lights you up and what really motivates you!

Renée Giarrusso, Lead Coach, Trainer and Founder of Metamorphose Consulting, works with high performing executives and teams across a myriad of industries and organisations.  Her expertise in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, communication, transition and sales effectiveness leaves her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results.

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