If there is one key topic that lights me up, it is coaching. Coaching is the vehicle to achieve what I am extremely passionate about, and that is, helping people realise and achieve what is possible.

Coaching is often looked at as a complex and challenging practice when it is simply a process of delegating thinking to others to empower them and create a space of ownership.

Many leaders put off coaching or think they are coaching when, in fact, there is a lot of “telling” going on. My question to them is: “If not now, when?”

When leading in a hybrid environment, connection can be stifled. There tends to be a focus on team catch-ups which is great, but often at the expense of 1:1 and group coaching. Either virtually or physically, face-to-face coaching can be done 1:1, formally or informally to a group.

International Coaching Federation studies have found that organisations that have a solid coaching program in place can enjoy:

✅ 70% improvement on overall work performance

✅ 51% increase in team effectiveness

✅ 80% increase in self-confidence

✅ 73% had improved relationships at work

✅ 72% had improvement in their communication skills

✅ 67% had improved work-life balance

For over 17 years, my team and I have professionally coached hundreds of leaders and managers at all levels with key objectives and outcomes diagnosed prior to the first session.

Our Limitless Leaders Executive Coaching program is run at all levels, from Emerging Leaders to C Suite.

Some common topics we coach on include:

  • Effective communication
  • Wellbeing & Mindset
  • Gaining influence and buy-in
  • Leadership tools and enablers
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Self-confidence
  • Leading with strengths
  • Understanding self-motivation and that of others
  • Strategic thinking
  • Working & leading remotely
  • Productivity and self-Management
  • Delegation & Coaching
  • Conflict resolution/leading boldly
  • Transition and succession planning

I have been working with Renée for several years, and the value added to my business is immense. Renée has a unique energy and genuine talent rarely seen. With her leadership experience, you will get your teams and yourself to make the step from good performance to amazing performance. Renée’s understanding of leadership, demonstrated from her personal experience both working in and working on a broad spectrum of businesses, has made her one of the best trainers, coaches, and speakers you can get. I would recommend you discover just how effective Renée is.

– Darryl O’Neill-General Manager-Sales at Kagome Australia

All of our 1:1 Limitless Leaders Executive Coaching Programs include:

These powerful tools create deep insight, actionable learnings and fast-track results within the coaching program.

We empower our clients to think for themselves and come up with their own solutions that result in high accountability, buy in and a focus on embedding actions back on the job.

Having an external coach can help you to challenge the status quo and have a collaborative partner outside of the organisation. This is powerful when aligned with internal development initiatives and support from the manager.

We have just opened up 5 NEW places for our 1:1 Limitless Leaders Executive Coaching Program.

This powerful and proven 1:1 Coaching program will kick off June/July.

What development plans do you have in place for you or leaders in your team?

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Lead to be limitless…

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