Limitless Leadership: How energetic is your mindset?

‘You are energy. What you think begins it. What you feel amplifies it. What you action will determine what happens next.’

Tapping into your mind, heart and body from an energetic level can greatly assist self-motivation. When you are in sync with your motivations, you are more aware of how others are motivated.

My brother and […]

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Limitless Leadership: How healthy is your leadership mojo

This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is how to master and maintain what I call your leadership mojo! In such a fast- paced time we need to be at our best and balance our leadership to be able to do the things that really […]

Limitless Leadership: Sharing your scars can be beautiful

“Wabi sabi – the philosophy that says the beauty of things are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, the opposite of our classical Western notion of beauty as being something that is perfect, enduring, and monumental”

In 2016, the notion of “wabi sabi” made its way into home-wares and industrial design. Many Cafes and homes were and […]

Limitless Leadership: How is your energy introducing you?

Your energy is an introduction to you and can potentially set the tone of the conversation, meeting or interaction you are about to have.

The way you show up will frame the introduction to you, or not, and I believe sometimes we forget to be consciously aware of the energy we put out there.

We all […]

Limitless Leadership: Turn belief into true conviction

‘Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete. If you’re alive, it isn’t. ― Lauren Bacall

What do Walt Disney, Van Gogh and JK Rowling have in common?

A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because, ‘He lacked imagination and had no good ideas’. After numerous bankruptcies he went on to build the first […]