This is the level of leadership we dream about.  This level offers such game-changing value to the world that there is a fundamental shift in the playing field because we were there. Wow! In his short post, Dr Scott Yorkovich lists five principles that define the disruptive leader. These resonate with The Top Fifteen Percent Leader journey.

They are:

  • Look at your problems in new ways;
  • Look for the problems others have labelled unsolvable;
  • Focus on direct and simple solutions;
  • Accept failure in the beginning; and
  • Be patient for long-term change and impatient for meaningful impact

The disrupter looks at the circumstances with a reality distortion tool and possesses the ability to assemble a team of misfits committed to doing what has never been done. The Top Fifteen Percent Leader has the ability to respond to the wind, manage the tide and consider the unchartered ocean ahead. And more often than not, disruptive and positive innovation results.

The agile leader knows their current role, is aware of their next developmental step and has the drive and focus to get there. That’s what makes The Top Fifteen Percent Leader different from the 85% that share the same levels of capability but are missing that special and significant something that is the difference that makes the difference.

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Renée Giarrusso is an accomplished Lead Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker who works with high performing leaders and their teams across a myriad of industries and organisations.

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