Are you ready to create a Gift Mindset® Culture?

Workplace culture is made up of shared values, beliefs and social behaviours, and so often these can be hidden, stifled or not lived within the organisation. The lessons we learn need to be shared to empower others, create openness and trust and in the process, become a survival guide for others, including that for future leaders.

Gifts can come in many forms; we need to be open to seeing them. These lessons can come from people and situations and can be from the past, the present or the future. By adopting the Gift Mindset® we get to live our legacy now by leading a culture of purpose, connection and contribution.

Challenging situations and people can be seen as ‘gifts’ that are just as valuable as the amazing positive situations and people we encounter in life. To embrace them, we need to raise our awareness, accept them as gifts and apply the lessons they present both as a limitless leader and in our own life.

We need, in other words, to adopt and foster what I call a Gift Mindset. This mindset is a key trait of a Limitless leader.

Why do we need to create a Gift Mindset® Culture?

If we choose not to learn from and share our lessons or close ourselves off from receiving lessons from others, we risk robbing the workplace of our insights or, worse, contributing mindlessly to a world already heavy with distraction and clutter.

Never before have we lived in such a connected world, but at the same time, been so disconnected.

Right now, many organisations are facing these challenges:

  • Dealing with change, adversity and new ways of thinking and working
  • Leaders are juggling a multitude of responsibilities and get caught up in the “doing” and not in the “being”
  • Lack of reflection time results in low self-reflection, connection and collaboration
  • People feel time-poor, and often skill stretched leading to disengagement, disconnection and low motivation
  • A lack of time and focus on sharing the lessons gleaned through individual and team challenges and successes
  • Process, progress and performance is a key focus, and the “people” piece is being missed
  • High technical focus leading to a lack of development of soft “life” skills such as; resilience, gratitude, courage, connection, empathy and curiosity
  • Low trust within teams with many working remotely and feeling disconnected
  • Too busy to challenge the status quo resulting in a focus on “maintenance” type activities and conversations vs. progressive
  • A culture that has or is becoming transactional and performance-based
  • A limited inward focus that can result in a lack of adaptability, innovation and learning

A Gift Mindset® Culture can:

  • Provide the forum and tools to embrace challenges and successes as an opportunity to share and learn from each other
  • Reinforce learnings ongoing and make this part of the culture moving forward
  • Prevent lessons learnt from challenges and successes being swept under the rug
  • Build a rhythm and cadence of accountability to share experiences and lessons gleaned
  • Embed the habit of sharing experiences that are positive or negative to serve and contribute to the wider team
  • Provide insights and tools to build the 12 key Gifts which are soft skills necessary for success, performance and growth in any role and life
  • Increase communication and promote open dialogue
  • Create an intentional space of openness, learning, trust and appreciation of diversity
  • Foster the sharing of successes to enable best practice across the organisation and break down the silos
  • Increase vulnerability, connection and collaboration
  • Fast track performance as learnings can be shared and implemented in real-time, not down the track
  • Build respect and appreciation for what others have experienced
  • Sharing your ‘gifts’ that could be a survival guide for someone else

Creating a culture where we adopt the Gift Mindset can take leadership, connection and collaboration to the next level. By sharing the experiences and lessons we encounter, both challenging and positive, we can empower others and create a culture of honesty and openness and live our legacy.

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Renee Giarrusso Gift Mindset Ladder Model

The good news is we have created a transformational pathway to do just that!

The Gift Mindset® Culture Program!

The transformational program will run as a series of interactive sessions to explore and expand on the Gift Mindset concept and deep dive into each of the 12 gifts. These gifts can be run in any order based on your priority needs. All sessions will take place in a learn and do environment with a plan of application back into the organisation.

This program is ideal for teams and organisations who:

  • Are ready for a different and meaningful approach to “positive thinking” or just looking on the bright side
  • Looking to deepen and build on the 12 key soft skills vital in any role and organisation
  • Wanting to create a culture of human connection, empathy and understanding to lead people through self-managed change
  • Want to empower their teams and leaders to take personal responsibility for overcoming obstacles and barriers to their own growth.

The program consists of 13 immersions that can be run face to face or virtually.

Immersion 1

  • Unwrapping the Gift Mindset
  • What it is and why it matters
  • The 4 drivers
  • The pathway to a Gift Mindset Culture
  • Hidden, past and present gifts
  • Barriers that stifle
  • How to adopt the Gift Mindset

Immersions 2-12

The 12 Gifts

In each of the 12 Gift sessions we:

  • Unwrap and deepen behaviour of the 12 gifts including resilience, optimism, empathy, connection, change, growth, contribution, curiosity, forgiveness, gratitude, re-energising and courage
  • Deep dive into each gift providing stories, insights, tools and a structured process to apply and create new behaviours
  • Provide 6 key take outs to embed back in the workplace
  • Open up the space for the group to work through the G.I.F.T process and unwrap their gifts and share this via storytelling with the wider group
  • Plan of action to implement back on the job

Are you ready to create a Gift Mindset Culture and take connection, collaboration and contribution to the next level?

For more information, please follow this link and reach out to for a conversation to know more.

Lead to be limitless…

Signed Reneé

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Renée is a mentor, coach, expert facilitator and keynote speaker; She is the author of  ‘Gift Mindset®‘, ‘Limitless Leadership’ and co-author of ‘Leaders of Influence’.

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