Like a plane, once on a path and the destination programmed in, it is on course and on a mission.

When taking on a leadership role you need to make a decision.  Leadership is a decision. You need to decide who you are as a leader, what you stand for and what you don’t. Take the time to know and authentically believe in the vision you have for your leadership and decide on what you need to give up, introduce and ramp up. In order to commit from the heart, you need to decide the direction you as a person want to head in and who you are going to be when you show up.

What decisions have you made it the past that worked for your leadership?  What needs to change for you to decide to be the best version of a leader that you can be?

There are many things we do well as leaders with 5 main roles we believe you need to develop as you become a Top Fifteen Percent Leader. These roles need to be developed as you become an increasingly agile player in your space and place.

These include:

  • Role Expertise-Leading Yourself
  • Strategic Expertise-Managing a Team
  • People Expertise-Leading Teams
  • Organisational Expertise-Leading leaders
  • Disrupter-Shape future

It is critical that you know your starting point and that you are being intentional about your next step.

When looking at the role of leading yourself, most environments are dominated by people that are outstanding at their roles and get things done, they are accomplished.  Both of these traits are an essential base as you move through your leadership journey.

When making a decision to be a leader you need drive, energy, ambition and you need to choose to lead with responsibility, discipline action and margin. What values do you represent? What values do you want to instil in the team and organisation?

What do you need to let go of that could block your success?  Have you decided on being the leader you need to be in order to accomplish what needs to be done?

Kick start your new year with a preview of how you want your leadership to look.

A great time to reflect, and plan your energetic leadership for 2016!

Kind Regards

Renée Giarrusso


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