In this episode, our guest is Ella Zhang, founder of the Institute of Growing Capacity, iGrow. iGrow was established with a mission to cater to individuals and businesses seeking to integrate human-centric principles into their operations, foster optimal personal and professional development, and make meaningful contributions to society at large. Ella recently published her book “Upgrade”, how to outperform your default self to gain your superpowers.

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Key Take Aways:

The book goes into four operating systems that shape our behaviours and impact in the world: the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems. Understanding and nurturing each of these four systems creates a solid foundation to build and develop more advanced management and leadership skills. We also talk about the interconnectedness of these systems and the benefits of journaling and letter writing for self-reflection.

  • Ella's journey to becoming who she is today
  • The importance of taming the ego in business leadership
  • The power of sleep and reading to reset
  • Making decisions that benefit everyone
  • Building an intimate relationship with ourselves as leaders
  • Leaders with inner-strength and resilience

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Ella Zhang Website

Ella's book “Upgrade”

Ella Zhang LinkedIn

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