In this episode, we discuss the importance of soft skills in leadership and navigating change effectively with Leah Mether, a Communications Specialist and author. We explore the role of emotional intelligence and the challenges faced by leaders who excel technically but struggle with people management. We emphasise the power of curiosity, reflection, and gratitude during times of change. Tune in for practical tips and a team game that promotes diversity of thought and communication.

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Key Take Aways:

This episode delves into the mindset of leadership and the importance of caring for and empowering individuals. The conversation emphasises the power of curiosity in resolving disagreements and the value of questioning established practices and traditions. We discuss the fear of change and the need to focus on what comes next and ask questions to navigate change effectively.

  • The importance of leadership in guiding people through change
  • Embracing curiosity and collaboration in navigating change
  • What do we want to be known for as a team?
  • The power of choosing our response
  • Life-altering changes
  • Finding gratitude in times of change

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