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We have all heard the saying “two heads are better than one” and seen the benefits of working with people who hold different perspectives. Richard Branson sees it as an opportunity for overcoming setbacks or challenges.

“Two heads are definitely better than one and by brainstorming as a team and sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy that will allow your business to overcome a setback or challenge.” -Richard Branson

In this blog, I would like to propose that “four heads are better than two”…particularly relevant for leaders where no ‘one-style’ works best for everyone and where the concept of leadership is widely debated. Is it a position or a title? Do I need to have direct reports? Is a leader the same as a manager? Do I need to have a purpose?

Travis Bradberry writes, in his article, titled ‘What Makes a Leader?’, that leadership is a “process of social influence that maximises the efforts of others toward the achievement of a greater good”.

He talks about leadership coming from social influence, not authority or power and says that it’s not a title…it’s “something that anyone can give you–you have to earn it and claim it for yourself”.

So if you’re a ‘leader’, in any sense of the word, want to achieve greater good and gain a new perspective, then come along to our 4ward Thinking event of the 13th of April in Melbourne.

As one of four dynamic speakers we will inspire you with our own thought leadership, covering the following topics:

  • Lead & Follow – exploring the power of integrating conviction, courage and conscience to both ourselves and others (Deborah Lange)
  • What's Next – spotting a disruption opportunity (Jonathan Reeve)
  • Mapping Motivation – decoding language to motivate those around you (Renee Giarrusso)
  • Direction Dilemma – knowing what you want will make you a better leader (Shelley Flett)


We’d love to see you there!



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Renée Giarrusso is an accomplished trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker who works with high performing leaders and their teams across a myriad of industries and organisations.

She passionately helps leaders fulfil their full potential resulting in increased motivation and performance. Her expertise in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, communication, transition and sales effectiveness leave her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results.