Welcome to the New Year. I hope you’ve been able to take some time out to reflect, recharge and reset for the year ahead.  

In this episode of Limitless Leaders™ Podcast I want to talk about:  

  • ‘The Great Resignation’, which I call ‘The Great Rejuvenation’ and what’s driving it; 
  • Embracing The Gift Mindset and the 12 Gifts; 
  • The importance of embracing gratitude. 





[1.43] The Great Resignation 

  • A term that has come from WEF 
  • In 2021, 41% of employees were planning to leave their job (Europe and USA) 
  • Gartner’s Innovation Expert, Aaron McEwen believes there is data that shows it’s going to impact Australia in March 2022. 

What’s behind the Great Resignation? 

  • Companies who have their values aligned with their employees, are growing their employees, and are purpose led – will be fine. 
  • Companies who will be most impacted will be because of a lack of career opportunities, no pay rises, lack of appreciation and recognition 
  • Post pandemic values misalignment – no longer congruent with employee values 
  • Poor company culture 
  • Lack of work/life balance and flexibility  
  • Overseas work 

[5.25] Embracing The Gift Mindset 

  • Tapping into the gifts 
  • Looking at the lessons from challenges or successes 
  • Did we learn the Gift of Growth or Optimism or Curiousity? 
  • Did we learn the Gift of Empathy? 

[6.23] The Importance of Gratitude 

  • There’s a lack of appreciation and recognition in many organisations 
  • Many organisations are performance based; focused on bottom line and progress 
  • Some executives feel showing gratitude can be a weakness 
  • Other executives don’t feel they have the time 
  • Expressing gratitude needs to be part of your leadership 

[9.19] The Happiness Project 

  • People who were sent ‘thank you’ letters their happiness went from 2% to 4% 
  • When people were phoned directly their happiness increased from 4% to 19%

[10.00] Tips to showing gratitude 

  • Question to ask: “Who or what are you grateful for?” 
  • For every negative that comes up in a meeting, ask for three positive aspects that has come about from that negative challenge 
  • Have a Gratitude Jar 
  • Don’t make it complicated 
  • Start to ingrain the showing of gratitude as commonplace  
  • Know what makes you feel appreciated and share that with others 
  • Find out what makes others feel appreciated and show appreciation to them that way


Think about what can you do to foster a workplace of gratitude and make people feel truly appreciated? 


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