Topic:  Unwrap the Gift of Curiosity to transform insight into opportunity

My guest today believes that curiosity has the ability to transform insight into opportunity and that agility and innovation comes from a truly curious mindset. Something that she not only believes, but has lived out time and again, particularly in her current business.

Joining me on today’s show is Kate Stewart.

Following people’s change in behaviour towards reducing waste and moving from single use to reusable coffee cups, there was still a lot of wastage when it came to the disposable drink trays. This is what sparked Kate’s curious mind to come into play and led to the creation of Stay Tray.

The Stay tray is a sustainable solution to single use drink trays and is proudly made in Australia from 100% recycled material.

On today’s show Kate and I will speak about how:

  • A curious mindset can lead you almost anywhere – go exploring!
  • Curiosity fuels provocation, passion and learning
  • How to unwrap the Gift of Curiosity and deepen this important life skill
  • How you can find support and resilience in the most unlikely of places.




Kate Stewart is the owner & founder of Stay tray, a reusable drink tray.

She spent most of her career in FMCG working with major retailers & witnessed copious amounts of waste, prompting a career change in the pursuit of something more fulfilling.

Stay tray is all about reducing single use, all through the humble beverage tray.  Stay tray is a sustainable solution to single use, proudly made in Australia from 100% recycled material.


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