The Gift Mindset of Resilience

Joining me on today’ show is Suzanne Waldron.

Suzanne is a behavioural change facilitator whose Master's research focus has been on prosocial leadership.

She's been working with people across Australia with a focus explicitly on communication and meaningful relationships, which is something just so important in this day and age.

She's an ambassador for our UK. She's a TEDx Perth curator, and the co-founder and director of a short doco series called: Stories Out Loud. She's a public speaker and media contributor. And she's been nominated for Western Australian of the Year.

On today’s show, Suzanne will be talking about the Gift of Resilience, including:

  • The psychological determinants between why some people think about doing something significant things beyond themselves and go on to do it versus those people who only think about it and never do it.
  • The meaning and importance of ProSocial Leadership.
  • The importance of understanding yourself and your boundaries, and much more



Suzanne Waldron was born in England and lives in Western Australia. She is fascinated with humanity and how we relate to ourselves and one another. Born deaf, she had multiple operations to restore her hearing. She lived in a truck travelling Europe before becoming a foster child, then a homeless teenager. She experienced a tough upbringing. This led her to dig deeply into life’s array of emotions and how we can each utilise all that living has to offer. Her first book A Flourishing Mind takes the reader through her life experiences and learnings via harsh realities, to a place of deep hope. She has recently published her latest book: Sleeping Giants.

Today, she is a behaviouralist having studied a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistics. Her research focussed on pro-social leadership and the psychological aspects of inner fulfilment through moving significant ideas (beyond self) into action. She studies philosophy and economics to widen her knowledge on meaning and the systems we live in and finds solace in painting as a creative outlet.

Believing that honest, hopeful and truthful relationships are the bedrock of fulfilment and progress, Suzanne works with individuals, organisations and influencers to build cohesive relationships in community, government and not for profits. She works globally combining her skills as a behavioural change facilitator, artist, writer and speaker.

Suzanne is a curator for TEDxPerth and the Museum of Freedom of Tolerance. She is an active ambassador for R U OK? and Nakuru Hope. She was nominated for Western Australian of the Year 2016 for her work in the community.

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