There is no doubt that more and more people are unmotivated and are experiencing end-of-year burnout as the year draws to a close. Many may have difficulty focusing, are more irritable, have difficulties starting the day, and are just feeling overly tired all the time.  

Get some of your energy and motivation back so that you can really enjoy Christmas. Renee shares a few tips to help keep you energized until the end of the year.   

  1. Take a pause

  • It doesn't matter how full of energy we are, sooner or later it runs out. Take a break and allow yourself to rest and replenish 
  • Resting and pausing allow our bodies and minds to recharge so that we can keep working and moving. 


  1. Get out in nature

  • There's always something good about being in nature. 
  • Regardless of how busy you are, have that 10-minute walk to the park, and leave your phone at home. Get out and take a walk!
  1. Be in the moment

  • We feel like there's so much going on that we feel overwhelmed. But really, all we have to do is to be in the moment. 
  • Live in the here and now. Don't let the past or the future distract you from living in the now. 


  1. Do what lights you up! 

  • Make sure that you are doing what it is that makes you happy and excited.  
  • Find out the things that give you energy and that sense of excitement. 


  1. Practice gratitude

  • Gratitude helps us focus on what we do. Not what we don't have. 
  • The act of being grateful helps us live in the moment and focus on what we do have, and that can help us increase our energy levels 


  1. Exercise and sleep well. 

  • A 15-minute walk can make a huge difference. Go and do it. 
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule and minimize your blue light exposure. 


  1. Get grounded

  • Go outside!  It doesn't matter whether you walk on grass or sand, just take your shoes off and go.  
  • We need that negative energy that comes from the earth. 


  1. Schedule me time! 

  • Maintain a healthy sense of self-respect and self-love. Go ahead and schedule a time for you to pamper yourself. 
  • Whether you get a massage, spend time with a friend, or read a book, take the time to treat and take care of yourself.

Getting back on track after burnout can be a challenging process but you have already made the first step by making a conscious decision to do something about it.  


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