The Science of Wellness to achieve Limitless Leadership™

When was the last time you prioritised your health?  

As leaders, we often wear many hats to cater to the different responsibilities and commitments in our lives. To regain our drive and energy to ensure we become Limitless Leaders™, we need something to make up for the overwhelming demands of life — and it all begins with practising self-care. 

We assume that prioritising our well-being involves tricky routines and may affect our daily productivity. Luckily, Susan Hunter is here to debunk the myths and misconceptions about self-care. 

In this episode, Susan Hunter joins us to talk about the foundations to a happier and healthier life. She also explains how simple steps backed by science can energise our physical and emotional well-being. 

Finally, as an entrepreneur herself, Susan talks about her struggles and victories, and shares her lessons from building her own clinic.  

If you are an entrepreneur and/or leader who wants to start the year by taking care of your health, stay tuned to this episode! 


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Discover the three foundations to a healthy life;
  2. Learn what comprises a high-performing team;
  3. Uncover the secrets to staying focused and energised  


Episode Highlights 

[03:46] On Fatigue  

  • Most leaders experience fatigue during the pandemic because they are too busy looking after the needs of their team.  
  • Everyone should take some time to rest and recover.  

[05:36] How to Maintain Good Energy 

  • Examining our lifestyle and daily routine helps improve our well-being.   
  • We can only reap the benefits of healthy habits once we practice them.  

[06:28] Three Foundations of Health  

  • Consuming protein for every meal manages our blood sugar levels and sustains our energy.  
  • Be strategic on your caffeine intake. Drink your coffee two to three hours after waking up to maximize your energy.  
  • Going to bed at 10 pm for at least four nights a week makes a difference. Proper sleep helps with one’s physical and emotional health.  
  • People can explore their biochemistry to explore the potential issues of their well-being. 

[13:10] The Science Behind Health  

  • Determining one’s genetic predisposition helps prevent future diseases.  
  • Regular check-ups can help assess one’s health and help one become better.  

[15:09] Susan’s Story  

  • Susan was inspired to live a successful life because of her immigrant parents. 
  • She was inspired to become an entrepreneur by witnessing her family grow their business.  
  • Due to her passion for natural medicine and human behaviour, Susan pursued a health science degree.  

[18:22] The Meaning of Leadership 

  • Leadership means taking people on a journey to the best possible outcome. 
  • Everyone needs to learn and grow. 
  • Leaders should effectively address the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates. 

[19:48] The Challenge to Leading a Team 

  • It’s challenging to attune yourself to the needs of your team members.  
  • A leader needs to be assertive and knowledgeable while incorporating compassion in engaging in difficult conversations.  
  • Leadership is a choice; it’s an energy that comes from your heart.  

[23:01] The Greatest Gift Received  

  • The pandemic gave Susan the gift of rethinking her purpose.  
  • She learned about patience when the launch of her start-up was postponed.  
  • It’s essential to be agile and adjust to the times.  

[25:50] When Failure Leads to Innovation  

  • For Susan, it was a challenge to implement new forms of technology when her business began. 
  • Being adaptive and innovative leads to collaboration.  

[28:50] Susan’s Most Admired Leader  

  • As a woman of colour, Barack Obama was Susan’s source of inspiration in becoming a leader. 
  • Obama had people’s best interests in mind when he made the healthcare system more accessible.   

[29:48] The Traits of a High-Performing Team  

  • A team must consist of different skill sets that complement one another.  
  • Team members must be attentive to detail, think critically, and take the initiative.  
  • Being invested and present is key to performing well.  
  • A leader must know the strengths and motivations of each team member.  

[32:28] On Hiring 

  • Recruit people who can fill the weaknesses of your company.  
  • Employers need to evaluate themselves when they are in an endless cycle of hiring and firing employees. 
  • Leaders should measure their KPI through staff retention.  
  • When companies take care of their people, employees comply with what is expected of them.  

[33:34] How to Stay Focused 

  • Susan recently came out from a parenting burnout after realising the value of stopping the cycle of adrenalising.  
  • Resting during weekends is essential to keeping yourself energised.  
  • Tweak your environment to create a balanced lifestyle.  
  • Creating a morning routine prepares us for a great day ahead. Listen to the full episode to hear how Susan starts her day! 

[39:55] Trivia About Susan  

  • Susan’s favourite word is awareness; it helps people be more mindful of their surroundings.  
  • She also loves the sound of her dog yawning.  
  • She’ll have the entire entree menu at Chichelina as her last meal on Earth.  
  • If Susan could practice another profession, she would consult for other start-ups. 
  • For her, the key to re-energizing 2022 is to make yourself your main project.  


5 Powerful Quotes 

[07:18] ‘Protein satiates us — keeps us more energized, more stable, mood wise for longer.’

[17:27]  ‘I think when you go through those challenging times, that fuels you forward.’

[21:46] ‘Leadership is something that is so transparent. It's a choice. And there has to be an energy that comes from your heart, not just your head.’  

[29:50] ‘The one thing I learned really quickly… is that need for a team where we have different skill sets where we complement one another.’ 

[33:34] ‘If you know you've got to keep people, retain them, grow them, help create future leaders…people do what's inspected, not expected.’ 


About Susan 

Susan is a health expert with 15 years of clinical experience. Her life mission is to help people live their healthiest and happiest life.  

She makes her vision come to life through the aid of biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle habits. To help her clients, she develops a personalised healthcare plan that is clear and simple to follow.  

Apart from being a health science expert, Susan is an entrepreneur and the founder and director of the Melbourne-based wellness clinic: Radius Health. She hopes that her company can help thousands of people live longer, healthier, and more energised lives. 

When she is not busy helping out people, Susan enjoys spending quality time with her supportive husband, two beautiful kids and amusing dog, Star. 

You can reach Susan through her website or social media accounts: Facebook,  Instagram, and  LinkedIn 

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It’s important to start the year 2022 right by living a healthier and happier life. Following the three foundations to better well-being can be a challenge, but once you’ve put in the necessary work, you’ll see great results! 

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