Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

$975.00 +GST


Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

Identify and boost the 10 competencies of EQ

Boost human awareness to lead self and others

Date: April 27th 2023

Time:9 am-5 pm

Venue: Melbourne, CBD (Venue TBC)

Please note: For 7+ people, this program can be run in-house for your organisation.


Early Bird: $875.00+GST. Save $100 until 9 April 2023



  • Emotional Capital Report (ECR) assessment & reports
    • Valued at $550 alone
  • 1-day face-to-face Masterclass
    • Facilitated by Renée Giarrusso
  • Morning, afternoon tea and lunch
  • Workshop manual & all materials
  • Copy of Gift Mindset book

RSVP: 14 April, 2023




 Are you ready to develop your Emotional Fitness?

While many of us are good at optimising practical skills, we now know that technical skills are not enough.

More than ever, we need to invest time to make ourselves future-fit to be encouraging, adaptable and resilient – even under pressure.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often overlooked and is a key “soft skill” that needs to be deepened and developed. It is the new psychology of leadership, and we are all leaders of self and or others.

With hybrid work in play, fewer people doing more and the complexities of creating deep and meaningful relationships and interactions, invest in the time to explore and expand your EQ.

This program is for YOU if you are:

  • Looking to increase your emotional and social intelligence
  • An executive, manager, in HR or a business owner seeking growth
  • Ready to build deeper connection, rapport, and influence with others
  • Seeking to understand the key 10 elements of EQ and ways to increase this ongoing
  • Wanting to be future fit and create dynamic interactions and meaningful relationships with others
  • Seeking the No1 skill of Leadership development
  • Ready to create the right environment for diversity & inclusion
  • Wanting to create a culture of wellness and wellbeing through emotional regulation
  • Ready to ramp up key skills of awareness and management of emotions of self and others


Date: April 27th
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Delivery: Face-to-face


Melbourne, CBD (Venue TBC)
Please note: For 7+ people, this program can be run in-house for your organisation 


Early Bird: $875.00+GST. Save $100 until 9 April 2023

$975 + GST pp

REGISTER BY 14 April 2023 – Limited to 20 places


  • Emotional Capital Report (ECR) assessment and reports
    • Valued at $550 (RRP)
  • 1-day face-to-face Masterclass
    • Facilitated by Renée Giarrusso
  • Morning, afternoon tea and lunch
  • Workshop manual & all materials
  • Copy of Renees’ award-winning book-Gift Mindset

The Program

This dynamic face-to-face workshop will be facilitated by professional educator, trainer, PCC coach and award-winning author Renée Giarrusso. The program will be highly interactive, with over 60% of the workshop based on skills practice and dynamic learning.

The Masterclass will be facilitated around the group’s objectives and level of experience in EQ. Renée has designed and facilitated close to 4000 programs, so we can guarantee you will walk away with applicable tools and insights and feel energised and equipped for even more success!

The RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report 360 (ECR) is the backbone of this interactive and thought-provoking program. We are excited to have partnered to bring this amazing tool that offers robust feedback, insight and EQ development.


Upon program registration, attendees will receive a welcome email and an invite to complete the ECR (Emotional Capital Report). This needs to be completed to attend the program.



The 1-day Masterclass will deep dive into EQ, the benefits and hands-on activities to understand and apply the 10 key competencies of EQ. All attendees will receive their ECR reports and workshop a plan of action to bring learnings to life!




Workshop Framework:

  • The process of mindset and self-awareness
  • Controlling inner dialogue
  • Mindfulness and EQ
  • Emotional Intelligence and why it matters in leadership and the workplace
  • The Emotional Capital Model and background
  • Explore and expand on the 10 competencies, including:
    • Inner Focus: self-knowing, ​self-control, self-confidence, and self-reliance
    • Outer Focus: adaptability, optimism, self-actualisation
    • Other focus: empathy, relationship skills and straightforwardness
  • Explanation and skills practice of each competency
  • Debrief on individual ECR results
  • Action plan and follow up

What do organisations that are high in EQ look like?

  • They nurture strong, inspiring leaders.
  • Build rock-solid teams that are connected.
  • Utilise insight and empathy as powerful connecting tools.
  • Help every team member reach their full potential.
  • They empower executives to recognise their strengths and become more self-aware, instilling a passion for learning that drives continual improvement.
  • Create an authentic business culture.
  • Find it easier to define company beliefs and embed them in professional conduct. A vibrant company culture will nurture strong employee relationships and increase staff retention rates.
  • Encourage team members to understand their colleagues better through EQ and bring out the best in people and celebrate unique skills and strengths.
  • Recruit and retain top talent.
  • See EQ as a valuable recruitment assessment tool and a means of accelerating employees’ career progression.

Are you ready to develop Emotional Intelligence in yourself, your leaders or your team?

Key benefits of Emotionally fit cultures:

Leadership Development
Decades of scientific research point to the fact that the most effective leaders are those with high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They build much more effective professional relationships. They understand their colleague’s motivations. They can have difficult conversations that lead to positive outcomes.

Cultural Transformation
Leaders create culture, but the problem many companies have is how to operationalise these values into practical behaviours and embed them in company culture to define the ‘way we do business.’

Diversity & Inclusion
Before a team can work well, the people in it must feel psychologically safe with one another to cooperate. This is achieved by establishing an environment where they are committed to understanding each other and know each person is valued.

Wellness & Wellbeing
Emotional Intelligence focuses on emotional regulation and provides one of the best frameworks for building cultures that positively protect people in the workplace.

Recruitment & Selection
A growing number of studies show that recruiting and selecting people based on Emotional Intelligence produces superior results compared to traditional approaches that rely on technical knowledge and cognitive ability alone.

Empowering Sales Teams
Product knowledge and an impressive sales pitch are no longer enough. Today the emotional experience of buying from a vendor is more important than products and price alone.

Meet your host:

Renée Giarrusso is a highly sought-after communication, leadership & mindset expert and the founder of RG Dynamics and Limitless Leadership.

Her sole purpose is to provide world class transformational programs, tools, and insights to make workplaces exceptional places to work where people can thrive. Her passion is in helping people to realise and achieve what’s possible to live a limitless life in and out of the workplace.

Renée is a professional educator, speaker, International award-winning author, facilitator and coach (PCC). She and her team work with leaders, teams, and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication, collaboration, and leadership to lift performance and culture.

Renée’s diverse experience is mirrored in the network and clients she attracts. Industries include building & construction, telco, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), food & beverage, professional services, barcoding, retail, real estate, manufacturing, NFP, consumer durables, engineering, government, automotive, electronics and many more.

What attendees say

I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful Renée as part of the “Mapping Motivation for Team Success” Program which she delivered for my team at Metro Trains Melbourne.
Renée is an absolute superhero – inspiring, funny, self-deprecating, vulnerable, engaging and prepared. Not only did we learn a lot about what motivates us and how we can leverage our strengths as a team, but we also had a great time.
From the pre-meeting and preparation through to the workshop itself and the follow-up session afterwards, Renée was amazing and the insights we gleaned run deep and create so much opportunity for improvement. None of that awful consultant mumbo jumbo in sight either 😉
I wholeheartedly recommend Renée :)”
Lisa Hogben, Package Director, Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR) at Metro Trains Melbourne


Renée is a rare talent and someone who has had a huge impact on my leadership style. I have had the pleasure of working with Renée over the last few years’ and her ability to cut through with her approach, guidance and storytelling has shaped my thinking on how to extract the best out of myself as a leader. Renée always has a smile on her face and accepts any challenge with a positive mindset and her enthusiasm is infectious. Anyone in a leadership role would benefit with spending time with Renée and the team at RG Dynamics”
Michael Ritoli, GM, CUB Premium Beverages at Carlton & United Breweries



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