55. Reset your 5 Dimensions of Energy

In this solo episode of the Limitless Leaders Podcast, we explore the five dimensions of energy - emotional, mental, social, physical, and spiritual. Join us as we reflect, reset, and refocus for the upcoming year and provide practical tips for [...]

46. Leveraging ChatGPT in Your Life and Leadership

Donna McGeorge is a renowned productivity expert, best-selling author, and international speaker. Donna is known for her expertise in helping individuals and organizations improve their productivity and work-life balance. She has extensive experience in coaching and training professionals, offering practical [...]

45. The Power of Thinking About The Way we Think

Michael Bartura is the founder and chief happiness officer of Healthy Habits Coaching. His business focuses on providing mindfulness-based coaching and training to executives and teams. The core of his work revolves around the concept of positive neuroplasticity, which involves [...]

Is FOMO on Life Leading to Exhaustion?

It's been a huge year, and people are exhausted wherever I turn. I'm noticing that many people emerging from the post-pandemic haze fit in more personally and professionally. Maybe it's because we feel we need to catch up on life. [...]


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