Reflecting on 2019 – Did your year exceed your expectations?

Thrive Global January 2020

On that note I’ve devised  12-prompters to review the year that was. You can do this reflection individually or as team, a great way to open up dialogue and share and promote human centred leadership at work.

Giver or Taker – Which one are you?

Thrive Gl0bal – December 2019

Something I have been guilty of that I have to consciously control, is giving too much. What I mean by this is I love to give and make a difference and in the last 5 years in particular I have had to be mindful of my time even more, in order to look after myself and my clients. Self-care takes constant work and focus and the benefits far outweigh the cost!

Q&A with Renee – strength or weakness?

Retail World December 2019

Eric, says he feels that sometimes his strengths seem to hinder his growth in his current role. How can he ensure that he identifies when this is occurring and what steps can he take to ensure his ‘overdrive’ is not detrimental to himself and others?.

12 Superpowers to Lead and be Limitless

Thrive Global November 2019

What’s your Superpower? As a leader we can get caught up in the ‘doing”, juggling multiple balls in the air such as; technology, people, relationships, structure, reporting and 100 other things. It’s no wonder many leaders are only managing their teams instead of leading them and their organisations forward.  Our latest Whitepaper.

Coach to lead, empower and leverage time

Coaching Life Magazine ‘Grand Final' September 2019

So many people put off coaching or think they are coaching when in fact there is a lot of “telling” going on. My question to them is: “If not now, when?”

This article covers the 6 keys to coaching to empower.

Unwrapping the 3 layers of empathy

Thrive Global October 2019

Three layers of empathy Psychologists for many years have identified that there are 3 types of empathy.  There are many ways to feel and there are many ways to experience empathy. Empathy is all about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing, feeling and experiencing what they are going through from their perspective…,

Interview – Samantha Jansen – Casey Radio 977FM

Casey Radio – Samantha Jansen 3 October 2019

6 Keys to Leading With Empathy

Thrive Global August 2019

Do you respond with empathy? When a colleague or direct report opens up to you about feeling overstretched and tired how do you respond? Do you respond with empathy or do you shut off as you have your own stuff to deal with? Empathy is one of the 12 Gifts to lead and be a Limitless Leader

Q&A with Renee – Don't use ‘time poor' as a barrier to leading

Retail World July 2019

One of the key barriers I find many people leading a business or team face is that they don’t allocate time to leadership. They tend to look at leading others as an “or” instead of an “and”. When you have a team you have a responsibility, leadership is a choice and a decision not a title that automatically makes you capable and effective.

The Gift Mindset™

Thrive Global July 2019

Threshold-the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

6 Keys to Leading With Empathy – Interview

CurtinRadio – Jenny Seaton July 2019

Renee Giarusso chats with Jenny Seaton about empathy and its importance developing deep, human connections.

Blockbuster Conversations Podcast

Mitchell's Front Page June 2019

Renee Giarrusso says today’s conversations have headed the same way as Blockbuster video stores- taking on a ‘streaming’ quality which are instant, topical, don’t always have true intention and aren’t lasting.  She spoke to the program about how to have better conversations.

Q&A with Renée: leading self and self-leadership

Retail World June 2019

Self-leadership is vitally important as you need to lead self before you can lead others, your business and decisions. Look at it a bit like building a house. You can’t put the frame up without laying a solid foundation first. If that foundation isn’t solid and built right, the house won’t last the test of time, a bit like trying to lead a business and team without leading your self first.

How energetic is your mindset?

Thrive Global June 2019

‘You are energy. What you think begins it. What you feel amplifies it. What you action will determine what happens next.’ Tapping into your mind, heart and body from an energetic level can greatly assist self-motivation.

Q&A with Renée: How To Switch Off

Retail World April 2019

Switching off is a challenge for many, especially when running your own business, as you are usually immersed deeply within it and most of the time over-passionate. Being a business owner for 11 years, I empathise with you and many others facing this challenge, as it is an obtainable one, but not a sustainable one.

Team Culture – What is your team talking about?

Thrive Global April 2019

What would your team say about your business?

When people are given the freedom to focus on their key area and tasks and monitored from a far, they can learn and grow as they work.

Q&A with Renée: How To Delegate

Retail World March 2019

Delegation is one of the key challenges many people face and the main reason for this can include: fear of tasks not being done correctly, lack of trust, guilty of giving others more work, and sometimes just a lack of awareness of what needs to be delegated.

Sharing Your Scars Can Be Beautiful

Thrive Global March 2019

In Japan there is an art form called Kintsugi: the art of precious scars. By repairing broken ceramics, it’s possible to give it a new lease of life and it becomes even more refined, thanks to its “scars”.

Kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide, but to display with pride. This art form and philosophy got me thinking how alike we are to this as humans with all of our scars, mistakes, lessons and wisdom we learn in this thing called life.

Q&A with Renée: Building Rapport

Retail World January 2019

Just like building a house, if we build a strong foundation, the house, like any relationship, has a stronger chance of lasting the test of time. Take the time to build rapport with those around you and remember we can go in and out of rapport, so don’t assume that, once built, it will last. Be mindful of where this is at, at all times.

Q&A with Renée: Emotional Intelligence

Retail World December 2018

If you want to be leading and assisting in increasing EI, you need to lead by example. Really master your conflict management, emotional control and social awareness so you’re not just aware and managing your emotions, but also understanding that of others and demonstrating this, day to day, to your team and those around you.

The importance of Personal Branding Photography for your Business

Photo story by Ksenia Belova

Personal branding captures the essence of the real you and what you offer and how you solve people’s problems. It is what sums you up, what people see, feel and hear when your name/business comes up! They represent me to my existing and potential clients, many I may never have met. This is all they have to go on apart from what people say and the results they may have visibly seen.

How to Build Better Human Relationships in a High Tech World

Build Live Give Podcast – September 2018

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Article by Renée Giarrusso in Convenience World – June 2018

Leading Edge Interview with Casey Radio on 97.7 FM

Click here to listen

Interview with Retail World Magazine

Train well, retain better: keeping your best people on board.

“Leadership and communications expert Renee Giarrusso says she believes business need to adopt a top-down approach to staff development to achieve results.”

My interview with Zoe Routh on the Zoe Routh Leadership Podcast

How to become limitless!

“I’ve got a bit of a saying “People are colours. Be a rainbow.” You need to understand people, adapt to them, give them what they need. And I think sometimes that can hold a leader back from really deep connection and taking their team and business and organization to the next level.”

My interview with Heidi Pollard on The Theatre of U Podcast

How to increase motivation and performance of your team and organisation?

“Leading your team and developing their future skills is imperative and not only will you get time back to focus on the important things so you can lead not manage, in the process you will be motivating staff, understanding and leveraging their strengths, building a succession pipeline and lifting performance by having people doing the right thing at the right time and owning it.”

This week I had the pleasure to interview the fabulous Renée Giarrusso who is a Communication, Sales Effectiveness and Leadership Expert and also the Founder and Director of Renée Giarrusso Dynamics.She is obsessed with seeing people reach their full potential, and she passionately works with leaders and their teams to achieve this and flourish.

Renée has a passion to work with individuals and organisations who want to better themselves and has attracted thousands of clients from over 24 industries to date. Renée has just published her first book “Limitless Leadership”- A guide to leading from the inside out.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard – CEO Mentor

How I used focus ‘hacks’ to write a book in 90 days: Author Renée Giarrusso

For leadership and communications expert, Renée Giarrusso, writing a book in 90 days meant some personal sacrifice. Her busy training practice meant the only hours she had to write were outside business hours. This is the time she usually spends doing yoga, cooking or relaxing with friends and family.

Turning Inner Potential Into Outward Results

Article by Renée Giarrusso in Gloss – June-July 2016