Limitless Teams™

A limitless team is like an orchestra, each instrument playing in harmony, contributing its own sound to all work as one compilation guided by the conductor, you the leader.

Are you looking for your team to exceed results through synergised performance and focus whilst creating future leaders?

A motivated, in synch team, collaborating on a common vision by leveraging strengths and skills isn’t always easy to achieve and sustain.

Noncollaborative teams lacking communication, purpose, motivation and untapped diversity are common in many organisations and businesses.

Maybe your team lacks direction and vision? Maybe they could be more aware and aligned to each other motivations and strengths and ways to leverage this for performance?

Working with hundreds of teams over the last decade we find many:

  • Lack clear communication
  • Are non-collaborative
  • Unaware of strengths and motivations of self/ team
  • Lack time to develop as a team
  • Create silos and therefore stifle strategic agility
  • Have an unweighted responsibility in role
  • Lack role clarity of self/others
  • Little or no clear direction of strategy and vision
  • Lack of purpose
  • Lack of succession planned
  • Leave development of individuals to last
  • Untapped diversity that isn’t leveraged

Our Limitless TeamsTM program addresses these common challenges and more and is tailored to your current business challenges and objectives. Working with hundreds of teams across 24 industries we have the experience, insights and tools that are presented in a highly dynamic and facilitated workshop program over three phases with optional Mentoring and Coaching.

Based on experience we suggest the 3 phases as outlined below, please keep in mind these suggested themes are tailored to your needs and desired success outcomes.

All workshops are facilitated up to 15 participants with pre and post work provided to embed learnings and ensure the program is an experience and not an event!

Limitless TeamsTM program

Day 1 & Day 2

This 2-day workshop can be run consecutively or 6-8 weeks apart.

Suggested key themes are outlined below:

The initial focus is on key elements of a team such as rating and mapping: strategy, vision, structure, motivation, role clarity, collaboration, culture, skills, systems and so on. These areas are then discussed and mapped as a group and this will determine time allocated to what and when.

Collaboration is broken down and other key elements such as commitment, communication and trust are discussed and workshopped. This workshop contains over 70% of hands on skills practice and would also cover accountability vs. ownership, communication, conflict resolution, self-management, mentoring and peer coaching and identifying strengths to leverage performance.

Day 3

Mapping Motivation for Team Success

Imagine understanding what really motivates yourself and others at work.

This dynamic and interactive workshop will identify your own key drivers and motivators at work and those within your team in order to maximise effectiveness and be able to complement each other naturally. It will motivate your team and create a better understanding of each other’s strengths and the utilisation of those strengths to get the best out of your people.

Key motivators will be identified within individuals after each participant completes an online iWAM assessment prior to the workshop and then an interactive team day will be facilitated.

Working with thousands of executives and leaders we find many face these challenges:

  • Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves, their team and external stakeholders
  • Breakdown of communication and motivation
  • Lack of ability to build rapport quickly and easily and have cut-through conversations that matter
  • Constant focus on dealing with and embracing change
  • The inability to tap in and satisfy motivations
  • Blurred focus on working even better as team, with a ‘teaming’ approach
  • Building relationships remotely via email, webinars and Skype

We have designed a highly interactive workshop called Mapping Motivation for Team Success. This workshop program targets the above challenges by identifying motivators of all participants prior to the workshop using the iWAM tool (Inventory of Work, Attitudes and Motivations).