Limitless Leadership-Embrace the magic of the moment

“Be still, the quieter you become the more you can hear” With the New Year well and truly here I hope you had an amazing festive season and some time out to reflect on the year that was. I did a road trip with my husband up north over 2 weeks which was such a […]

Effective leadership in business-My interview with ANZIIF

After speaking on “Motivation for Collaboration” at two ANZIIF events I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Rita Loiacono, ANZIIF writer. The reality all but a few industries face today is the constant threat of change —usually in the form of ever-evolving protocols, practices, tastes or technology. In such a reality, it’s no coincidence […]

Are you a “Limitless Leader”?

  “To be limitless, is to break boundaries, knock down walls and false fears and know in your heart that what you believe you can do, is limitless” Renée G The word limitless has always resonated with me, as I really do believe anything is possible.  The minute you limit yourself, you limit your thinking, your […]

Wherever you are, be all there!

    “Be still, the quieter you become the more you can hear”  Almost half way through the year it’s a great time to reflect and celebrate where you are both personally and professionally which brings me to write about “Living in the Present”. This has been a common topic with many of my clients […]

The 3 C’s of Energetic Leadership for 2016

“Like a firecracker that ignites the night sky, full of intent and leaving a blaze that is not forgotten” As we enter the New Year it’s an opportune time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going as a leader. I like to think it as a time for “preview” as […]