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Are you living in the Circle of Concern or Influence?

circle of concern or influence

Steven Covey wrote an amazing book many years ago, one of my favourites “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. In this book he runs through many strategies, with one in particular we incorporate into many of our workshops around the reactive and proactive strategies we use when dealing with the world around us. Some people spend a lot time worrying or focusing on the things they CAN’T control and this becomes a habit they believe they can’t break. Ideally if they were to flip this they would become proactive and focus their time and energy on things they CAN control. The challenges and opportunities we face can fall into two areas: The Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence.

If you are being proactive then you are focusing your efforts on your Circle of Influence. You would be working on things that you could actually be doing something about such as your health, personal development & rectifying problems at work.

If you are being reactive then you are focusing your efforts in the Circle of the Concern. You could be focusing your efforts on things you have little or no control over such as: national debt, the weather or a certain person you may not click with.

So, let me ask you “What is in your Circle of Influence?” and “Your Circle of Concern?”

Take a few minutes to think about this:

What are 3 key things you are focusing the majority of your energy, time and head space on?
You can break this out at professional and personal level.
Can these things be improved on and are you in control of them?
Are these things out of your control and can only be worried about without any chance of a positive outcome?
Something to thing about and a great tool to use individually or workshop as a team to ensure focus in on the things that can make a difference!

Keep Flying!

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