Agility is the New Leadership Black

Agility is the new leadership black. Leadership today requires you to go wide, deep, and wide again. It requires you to have a clear picture of the future and to be highly responsive to the climate and culture you are in right now. Leadership needs to be adaptive and resistant so you make measurable […]

The 3 C’s of Energetic Leadership for 2016

“Like a firecracker that ignites the night sky, full of intent and leaving a blaze that is not forgotten”

As we enter the New Year it’s an opportune time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going as a leader. I like to think it as a time for “preview” as […]

The Top Fifteen Percent Leader


Well, what an amazing year it has been!  We have facilitated hundreds of successful leadership, coaching and sales effectiveness programs across a wide range of organisations and industries. We have been working on new and exciting materials, methodologies and IP for our clients and I have started a book!  We hope your year, looking […]