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    Limitless Leadership: Promote Stay Interviews to Retain & Grow Talent

Limitless Leadership: Promote Stay Interviews to Retain & Grow Talent

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”– Daniel Kahneman

Those who know me know I am a huge advocate for ongoing feedback and performance previews, opposed to reviews. I believe if dialogue and communication is open, clear, honest and consistent between all parties, there should be no surprises. Feedback given and received […]

Ramping up Risk – Embrace the Unknown

A few weeks ago, at the conclusion of running a 2-day program to a senior leadership team, one of the participants, let’s call him Ken asked me an interesting question. “In a company culture such as ours, where risk and making mistakes is shunned upon, how can we as leaders change this?” A great question […]

Pass it on, it’s your job!

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, It’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Early this year I was working with a senior Executive team who were extremely open about the fact that no member of their teams could replicate what they do. At first, I thought that what they were referring […]

The Voice vs The Noise

‘What we think about when we are free to think about what we will – that is what we are or will soon become.’
―A.W. Tozer

Intent, purpose and self-belief may be in place, but something else can get in the way of our success—I call it ‘the noise’. It’s the thick, static noise, like a […]

Motivation Trumps Skill

‘Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.’ ―Thomas Jefferson

For decades, motivation has been a major management and leadership issue. It has been the subject of many research studies by figures such as Fredrick Herzberg, Abraham Maslow, John Hunt and Clayton Alderfer. Many of their […]