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    Limitless Leadership™: Build Emotional Intelligence for Limitless Teams

Limitless Leadership™: Build Emotional Intelligence for Limitless Teams

A great question and one I am often asked is, “How can I increase the level of Emotional Intelligence or EI in my team?”

Emotional Intelligence is imperative in any role, team and organisation. EI or EQ is simply the ability to recognise one’s own emotions and those of others and be able to manage these.
71% of hiring managers now hire for EQ over IQ, so this clearly demonstrates its importance.

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Limitless Leadership: How healthy is your leadership mojo

This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is how to master and maintain what I call your leadership mojo! In such a fast- paced time we need to be at our best and balance our leadership to be able to do the things that really […]

Limitless Leadership: How is your energy introducing you?

Your energy is an introduction to you and can potentially set the tone of the conversation, meeting or interaction you are about to have.

The way you show up will frame the introduction to you, or not, and I believe sometimes we forget to be consciously aware of the energy we put out there.

We all […]

Limitless Leadership: Turn belief into true conviction

‘Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete. If you’re alive, it isn’t. ― Lauren Bacall

What do Walt Disney, Van Gogh and JK Rowling have in common?

A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because, ‘He lacked imagination and had no good ideas’. After numerous bankruptcies he went on to build the first […]

Limitless Leadership: What do you stand for?

Identifying your values can be a great indicator to understand your boundaries.

Simply put, values are things that are important to us. We all have values that determine our everyday decisions from where we bank, to what car we drive, to whom we allow into our inner circle. Values are the underlying linchpin to every […]